Portrait Photography…..Coming soon!!! and other stuff

Well all my studio equipment is arriving at the house bit by bit……will be great to start doing this from home. Just in the process of thinking of prices and also an introductory offer on portraits. Also gonna complete my websites and update everything necessary.

I am looking forward to the kids photoshoot next week for a friend who sells kids clothing… ok this is free on both our parts, but will add to the portfolio for me and help her sell her clothes better, also there is the matter of 10% off an outfit (well only fair really i spose). Should be good fun too.

Week after Im doing a special portrait sesh in the great outdoors at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. This is for the Sheffield Netmums group on Facebook 🙂

Will let you know how these things go….

Feeling pretty upbeat about it all now… just need a few more Wedding jobs etc. Must step up my advertising campaign 🙂 Have to get things up and running at last, and this is the perfect time. Although also need to find a part time job to earn and pay for shopping which fits round my boy:) Only 2 or 3 days a week though, so this will not interfere with H2R Photography.

Will keep you updated in the arts, crafts and wedding stationary side of things too 🙂


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