A new start

Welcome to my new Blog for H2R Photography and H2R Arts and Crafts. I am now going to make this a goal to get set up as a part time business which i fit round my full time job and my family. To keep you up to date so far….. I create jewellery, also creating new beads. I also do photography, as the title may give away. I enjoy art, and have expanded to textiles, after getting my nans old 1968 singer sewing machine. I have also started making buttons to go with the textiles, though I intend to sell the pendants and buttons i create as well. I recently had my first go at Pottery, (which I have wanted to do for years!) although I cannot get set up to do this to sell stuff, due to time and money! I will try to do the odd bit tho. I have updated my websites recently though so if you go to my links you should see all thats new. Especially on my facebook page where i update you all with all my new makes and projects! I plan to try and blog once a week. So keep returning. If you do visit my facebook pages please like or add me 🙂

My new makes this week: Pendants and buttons (Polymer Clay), Jewellery sets and a box decorated (that is for me though 🙂 )

In the meantime im looking forward to the hobbycraft show (10th november) and have a few ideas for my facebook page, inc discounts!!!!

Thats all for now folks …….see ya next week and keep crafting!





2 thoughts on “A new start

  1. Oh and after many ideas in my sleep (love those ideas!! keep pen and paper side of bed hehe!) the clay is coming back out and I am going to make a prototype brooch and some centrepieces for necklaces/bracelets….not just pendants in my head now! Will update ya laters!

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