Paperwork and Cataloguing Stock

Week 2 of blogging and yes I have kept to it so far. Impressed myself.

Not made alot so far this week, but have managed to look more on the business side of things and get spreadsheets set for tracking costs etc properly. Also catalogued all my made stock ready to sell, Didn’t realise I had made so much over past year! Ordered new business cards and a few extra stationary bits on offer via Vistaprint too, so not doing too badly.

Finally got through a problem with a stockist today too, which was annoying me past 7 days! Opened my eyes alot….the said company took a pre authorisation amount for an order 3 days after I ordered. Then did nothing for 6 days before getting back to me after I questioned it, saying they could now only partially send the order as one of main items was now out of stock ( to say least), they finally despatch said part order, and then..yes then…take yet more money off me for the partial order! I ring up again querying the cock up, they say the pre auth payment should be back with me this monday. Monday comes…nothing…another phone call…they say should have it by wednesday…this morning nothing and another call. Finally call my bank who get em to send it back. Will be very wary of using them again for a biggish order. Anyway relax and breath.

Have started uploading goods to sell on my new page! This should be complete by end of week fingers crossed. Plus want to finally get on with making some bits with my sewing machine this week sometime. Can do so now I have set the paperwork/business side up better. And no doubt more polymer clay creations may have to happen over weekend. I have worked out that if I let my 3 year old get involved its easier too, he made a family of snakes over weekend with me and loved it…you never know, we may have a young apprentice being moulded!

Anyhow so apart from the dull stuff done and all getting more organised, plus my so far only paying fulltime job, and a crazy 3 yr old etc etc, I have also decided to restart up with Oriflame Cosmetics as a consultant. Only for spare cash if poss, and this time I will avoid going door to door. Going to concentrate on distributing catalogues to friends, workmates and also send links online to all interested in looking and fingers crossed buying. I feel like a right juggler but im sure I can cope!

Plan for rest of week: Get seeling n creativestores and Make more beautiful things!!!! Simple as that.

Bye for Now…

H 🙂




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