Practice makes perfect!

Week 3 of blog woooo 🙂 Well since last time I have made a few sewcraft samples and they werent too bad….made a xmas tree decoration for my boy, and a heart cushion for myself. Had a little bit of interest  on the tree hangers too as well as my sis wanting a small heart cushion too. So that is next on the list. Over weekend also been having a practice doing lines on my sewing machine. Think Im slowly getting that….. its not easy but I will do it!!

Got some new stufff in post from craft superstore…2 huge coils of modelling wire which i can use for basic outlines for jewellery pieces etc…can’t wait to use that!  Also waiting for my sis to bring me some spare material she has. Good times.

Only a week and half till craft show at Birmingham NEC too……excited yes i am!

Anyway this weeks plans are make more beautiful things, focusing or tree decs for the coming season, flower brooches, some more fimo clay pieces, and well make whatever things may come in my head at night or first thing! Plus try and more on online shops…..! Poss look into local boutigue shops in Sheffield one day too where I could poss sell stuff in the future. Gotta keep busy busy busy eh!

Back next week or maybe before then! Byeeeeeee


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