Craft Show Review and more!

Wow, yesterday was amazing! Hobbycrafts show at Birmingham NEC was brilliant…why have I never been before now !!! Anyway as you would expect I spent a little more than I aimed to, as there was so many bargains to be had. There was also a crafts for christmas section which was pretty good too. Forgot how big the NEC is…lets just say my feet ache with all the miles we must have walked and the arms ache with all the bags full of stuff we had. Also got my sister some goodies as promised, hope shes happy with them :). Whilst there found a few new potential online suppliers of goods. Oh and and know what I would lov from simon next month, and alpaca wool scarf, it was sooo soft. Was also very tempted by a blank stags head for decorating/decoupaging. Was too expensive though. Ended up getting a highland cow and tartan patterned paper to make it even more highland cowish!

Tip to anyone who goes next year, plan a route round as there is soo much to see… oh and bribe a manslave to come and be the bag holder. Im sure the thought of beer after will bring them round!

Have plenty of new ideas for sewing, cardmaking (got a few basics yesterday again for a few cards!), cross stitch, and obviously jewellery making, but have to say impresed that i managed to not buy more beads as have so many at home already. I would say though that not everything sold there was cheaper than you get on ebay for example, ie couldnt find good wire cutters for my modelling wire, for less than ebay, was almost double instead. So always doan online window shop for cheapest prices to beforehand if you  are after something specific!

Apart from that I have only made one thing this week. Will attach pictures of this and the last few makes. Today I will rest my aching arms and legs, whilst looking through and organising my new bargains, then next week making time again. Plus need to go online and bookmark my new suppliers 🙂

Right time to rifle through everything! See you all next week!


H 🙂



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