A cow in a tartan shop!!

Here it is…incase you wondered! I got the kit from the Decopatch stall at the Hobbycraft show. Can you tell I love scotland! I have to say this is the only thing ive created this week…I really must prioritise my time in the evenings to make more things. I did get some gorgeous christmas material this week, as well as some new funky ribbon.

Next weeks plan is to use the polymer clay I got last weekend and well do some beautiful crafting, maybe beading as well as sewing…so many ideas in my head. Its a far better thing than watching stupid reality tv, and since my fave programmes have end, go nothing to really watch on tv! Would rather listen to radio on the tv! I really need to research how to convert photos into cross stitch templates. Would really love to convert a picture of the scottish highlands into a cross-stitch picture.

Been getting creative/girl with my nails too the past 2 weeks! Even gone real red hair colour wise…brighter than last time. Must be at least 6 years since I picked this shade, so why the hell not eh! At least dying shorter hair is easier too!

Anyhoo, end of a lovely weekend, and ready for another week. No plans this week though, apart from work. But being skint thats probably a good thing! May get more stuff made šŸ™‚

Sleep well and until next week. Byeee šŸ™‚



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