Out with the old and in with the new (Year).

Well hello there. Hope everyone had a great christmas break! Ive been lazy and just enjoyed time with my family. Its great to have a week or so to just devote to my boy after working most of time. Specially when hes due to start nursery in a week…..only half days till January 2014 but even that is a big step. Although I havent necessarily been making anything for the past month, my brain has been working hard…..or so I hope! 2013 is a fresh start and more reason to really kick my bum into making a huge go of selling my crafts. To be honest 2012 has been a strange (in a bad way)  year, or least from June it has been. And I will share as its a heartache too many people go through, even the men feel the pain. Straight to the point we miscarried end of June and from then on well life has just been stressful and it knocked my confidence. So as you can imagine trying to get things sorted when your head is messed up, go back to work and think of going more into making to sell in past few months has been ermmmm hard. Plus with a 3 year old you cant afford for life to stand still.

Anyway after a nice week and half off to rest and recoup, I feel refreshed enough to say 2013 I have to make a massive go of things craft business wise, and really get ideas into action, as thoughts wont make me money! Plus if things go my way maybe 2013 will be another little life changer. Of course there are many things I want to do in 2013, mainly expand family, sort the business into making even a little money, learn a few new crafting skills, and be more confident in life. As well as usual thoughts of shift some weight etc! Just got to get and keep that motivation and drive, for everyone!

Craft skill one I will learn is the art of kumihimo braiding, plus I must learn to knit and crochet properly! Maybe a good flick through my new book, Kirstie’s Vintage Home will help. Loved the series so had to buy the book!

Anyhow readers/watchers/listeners or whatever you wis to be addressed as….I want to wish you a Great New Year and hope 2013 brings you all you wish it to!

Helen 🙂


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