Time to get things going and knuckle down!

Wow, Its been a while since I’ve been on here. You never do realise how busy things can get when your expecting a new life in the family. Basically been work, dealing with a cranky 3 and half year old, and trying to reorganise house ready for little Ruth’s arrival at end of August… I do not want to be rushing about at last minute when i am huge, so now is the time to get it done. On top of everything this little girl making my life very tiring… I can honestly say carrying Owen was a breeze compared to this monkey! Have felt rubbish every week so far and still 15 weeks left to go. Anyway good news is getting the house re-sorted and re-shuffled is almost over. Just a few things left to do in Owens new room then a quick tidy and girly up of the nursery without decorating this time.

I am obviously going to get crafty and make a few things to go in…involving  sewingcraft and decopatch creation. A few items already on order for pink things to help with this. Then my thing is to get crafting to sell again. Which is probably going to help me relax a bit more and feel a little less stressed. So a great advantage as an extra. Plus now I have re-arranged where I keep everything, I feel all organised again in a sense. I will obviously be updating my websites/Facebook pages again.

My main master plan to get making money from crafts has not changed, and is even more important now to get cracking on with, specially with another tiny human on the way. Least then I could spend more time with my mini-me’s too. Plus I feel I can start to slowly refocus now things are getting sorted home and family wise. So be prepared for more frequent blogs and updates etc from now on. Luckily Ive not been paying much out if anything on crafting business stuff as of late so not lost out on anything money wise. I will be reviewing my online shop on creative stores and adding stuff I have made in past for sale, which I havent yet got round to putting on.

In the meantime today, I am going to rest a bit, as proper feeling like I have overdone it the past week with all the chaos that has been going off in the house, plus adding mardy little boys and working full time when already tired out…it definitely can catch up on you from time to time.

Ps any extra ideas for nice girly nursery handmade things would be ace….comment if you have any to share! So far im going to make bunting, decopatch animals and a few cuddly toys. May even look at making accessories for her ie clothing!

Take care all and speak next week. When I hopefully feel less drained and more relaxed, if not a little bumpier!

All the best from me and mini-me! 🙂



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