A creative weekend….. Cant wait for more!

Evening All, I’m glad to say I got the crafting stuff out at the weekend. The decopatch equipment to be exact. No better way to get going again than preparing and making stuff for the house. Just a few more bits to do , including a little more decopatch and some crossstitch.  Getting a few ideas from internet and mum who has some excellent books full of ideas. Now how long till she gets the 2 books back is another matter at the minute……too many nice things to make from them. Plus such crafty things are perfect for a person with a growing belly who really can’t be bothered to be super active as much as the time goes on. Next thing to do this week, is catch up on my paperwork, as actually spent a few pounds on equipment this month. Could really do with looking at getting stuff in my online shop too as thats one thing I didn’t get round too last week. Im sure now the house is sorted I can find a little time to go through my admin and inventory of things available to sell, and get making a few more items. For those reading this who arent on my Facebook, feel free to visit my page on http://www.facebook.com/pages/H2R-Arts-Crafts-Photography/265300154823?fref=ts ….I am only a few likes off 100 🙂 Just to remind you also of my websites www.freewebs.com/hcotterill and www.h2rphotography.co.uk. I also have a Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/hcphotography/ I am on Twitter as HRHartley, which is also quite fun. I would like to share how being on LinkedIn is getting useful too though for advice etc and finding fellow crafting people.

So checklist this week is definitely to plan crossstitch ideas, as wanting to amalgumate a few different ideas into 1 and make unique creations. Then sort out my admin bits, and update my sites. Definitely feel I’ve got the ideas head back on again which is nice, even if I do get ideas running around my head at oddest times. Keeps one busy I guess, as does everyday life, work and family.

Ps to see the pics of my latest makes, see my facebook page. Just uploaded them tonight.  Doing my best to keep things up to date.

Right its seems to be time for some sleep before another day at work tomorrow. But I shall be back end of the week.

Take care folks 🙂 Helen


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