Hoorah for a long weekend!

Morning all,

Well its another Bank Holiday Monday.  A long weekend and well needed. Not “made” anything as such, but have got the material I need to complete the length on Ruth’s bedroom curtains, which I ordered too short. Got some fancy patterned material, bias edging ribbon, other ribbon, and cute buttons. As well as some as that special tape you iron to attach things without sewing which I will use to attach the bottom to the curtains. (Sorry if Im forgetting names of things…the brain a bit jaded this morning!). Least it makes plain curtains look more interesting if I do them up, instead of straightforward swapping them for more plain curtains. Just waiting for the blackout material I have ordered on Ebay, then can make a start. And to anyone who knows my aversion to Ironing (my most hated and avoided household task)….. it will be a rare one off moment…and no photo’s to be taken of me holding an iron! Also after sorting out my cross stitch things, got the few things I thought I had and didnt so now I can design the sign for the nursery door and get sorted.

Now whether I am going to get anything done today is another matter, as hubby at work and little man so far seems a wee bit active. I did do my incomings and outgoings last week. Not the productive week I expected, but thats family life I suppose. Then this weekend been so nice out, ended up enjoying the sun while we have it. And today… the car (hubby’s of course) decided that battery had died. After well over an hour and his dad coming to jump start it he may just get to work, but will he get back without the help of Greenflag later?? Least its another sunny day and no doubt me and Owen may end up sat in the nice weather.

Back to work tomorrow so best enjoy it!

Helen 🙂




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