Cross Stitch and Sunshine Time!

Evening Folks,

Well the good news is last weekend while I had a long weekend off I got chance to design and start the cross stitch door sign for the Nursery door. Over halfway done now and its looking pretty cute so far. Very pink. Next thing will be the curtains being extended.

Also counting down the weeks to maternity leave and I know it may sound crazy and I should relax but been doing some forward planning for next year, as to what will happen workwise. Looking very evident that I may not return to current full time office job due to childcare costs, even after help from our dear governments Childcare help costs wise. Best hours and only hours I could return on are between 18 to 21 a week, over 2 and a half to 3 days a week. Not that I dont enjoy my office job …’s a good laugh and learnt alot over the past few years. I just have gut feeling come next spring when I discuss with them to return or not, that they wont be able to offer the hours possible. So this now gives me even more scope to get on with the crafts business, and get advice from the professionals on setting up proper. Plus I want to do something creative…it’s been in my thoughts for years and now feels like the right time. Plus advantage of being home with my kidlets will be perfect. Also may look into doing admin work from home too. Just need to find the perfect none scam opportunity. Had over 15 yrs experience in Admin and if it  brings in the extra few quid brilliant. Must get back to hunting down some wedding photography jobs etc too. Already got a possible lead from a n old friend to do pics for her website, of her products. If I so need to find an out of house part time job obviously then so be it…love a new challenge! Keeping busy may also help beat off any recurring PND as well as getting myself to baby groups too maybe…unlike last time where I left it ages before visiting one. We live and learn!

Ok so now all prepped for Ruths arrival maybe I am getting a little too over organised but I like to know my options and possible outcomes. And so looking forward to making a go of the business. I am even restarting making cards as well, as and when possible for now.

On the note of Cross Stitch….its addictive and I’m loving it. Painting with thread as I call it. That reminds me I must have a go at a new painting one day 🙂 11 weeks till little miss arrives now though so I can’t do everything I suppose.. it’s getting rather difficult sometimes already and ache alot more than before.

On the note of sunshine…… wow what a week its been and what a weekend to come. Summer at last.

Speaking of the sun… its out there still and time for me to sit outside for half an hour and enjoy. That will keep little man happy too (as long as his friends are outside playing too!).

I will post a picture of the door sign soon as its complete by the way. This blog so needs photo’s!


Bye for now,

Helen 🙂




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