Brain on ideas overload……..arghhhhhh!

Hello Everyone (who’s reading this obviously hehe),

Hope you are all fine and well. Its Saturday and a well needed chill day, well if you count controlling a monkey of an almost 4 year old as he now calls himself. Lets just say he’s having a stage in life as all 3/4 year olds do I guess. Must keep calm…I too was once that age and did same to my parents!!

Counting down to finishing work in a big style now…. brought maternity leave forward a week so i finish at 36 weeks now, have a weeks holiday, then let maternity pay kick in at 37 weeks. So thats 6 working weeks left, and with hols taken out of those it means 24 working days left (how much better does that sound than 6 weeks!).

Anyway, making wise I havent had a productive week, unsuprisingly! Been concentrating more on the side of the admin stuff I needed to check and update. Including updating info on the Etsy and Folksy shops I had slowly abandoned and forgot I had. Everything on them was in my maiden name, and Im coming up to my 3rd Anniversary in just over a week….ie thats how long they have been forgotten. Slap on hand time. Next step is to do a stocktake and decide of what I do have, what goes in my CreativeStores, Etsy and Folksy online shops so nothing overlaps. So not been lazy as such, just not created anything. But has been a full week at work too..busy, busy!

Update on the trying to modify curtains….which being something I have never done before. I cut out the pattern material into panels, all good. But then it all got bit too complicated for a newbie. Anyway in 2 words decided on Epic Fail. Reordered the right length and will just enhance those by sewing on pretty birds etc from the material I have already cut. Start small while learning I guess Ive learnt. Alos means I have enough material left to create some matching little soft toys for her after vamping up right length curtains, so maybe not such an epic fail. Will keep you updated as always on this little project. Ps if you look at ym previous blogs I have just posted a picture of Ruth’s new doorsign, which I’m very pleased with!

Being the super planner I currently am, I am not just spending time on the craft side, but working out what I need to be doing this time next year on the most probable hunch that work won’t let me be a part timer after maternity leave. I know at first my crafts wont bring us the money we will need, so doing my research into being a Virtual Assistant (Admin Type work from home as self employed), also relooking at the things i started a few years ago while off with Owen. Have my Oriflame I can get on with for a little extra income (not alot but a few quid helps), as well as relooking at Barefoot Books, where I can try and sell quality children’s books to what will be my network of new mummy and baby friends. Oh and seen something called Phoenix Trading, where you sell cards and other stationary, this looks a good opportunity to research, and looking at feedback from others who are happy with it. Obviously I would sell my own Handmade Cards (as these others are more mass production!). But also read in there brochure they welcome new designers for stationary….sounds good plan!

Apart from that I am using my LinkedIn to link with others and get ideas for other genuine ways of earning from home and being able to put family first and fit work around school and nappies! Dont worry as I have my rules…..Ie it has to be a genuine traceable trusted UK company I work for, where I get an hourly rate, there are no payouts just to start up (they are def scams), no major stock hauling in the house or door to door selling, no cold calling phone work. For the admin work from home has to be something I can do using laptop, printer and phone if need obviously, and they must have a proper traceable site etc I can research beforehand. So this means later into year if needs be…trawling through job websites, papers, you name it. Im determined  to be there for my kids if financially possible with homeworking, even if I do have to deal being self employment and tax returns etc. If things dont work out on this then yes, I will go and also look for a part time out of the house job. But in meantime got a fair few months to get something in concrete so to say, stage 1 here and now is weighing up options and what is viably possible, and what it would involve. So you can tell why I have brain overlaod!!! No major prep left for Ruth’s arrival so now brain switched to getting crafty things slowly going and planning for next years scenario’s.

Also will look at maybe a few short online admin/business courses I can do online, to get those skills boosted 🙂 Why not eh!

In meantime craft wise….the right length curtains should be redelivered on Tuesday! So can get cutting cute patterns out etc and sort out making plain curtains pretty. As well as try and make some more jewellery. Hope I get chance to do more jewellery….its another full week at work next week! Then week after, at the beginning of the week, its Happy 3rd Anniversary time, and a well deserved night away…child free may I add… for me and dear hardworking husband. So looking forward to this! Oh and 2 weeks after that I turn 33 eeek, and we get 4 nights away in the Scottish Highlands (this time with little laddo!). Odds on the fact I will be 34 weeks gone by then that I could have a Scottish born baby Ruth???? Now that would be awesome (not the born 6 weeks early part though). You cannot undersetimate my love for Scotland and Lochaber, even if I am pure yorkshire born! But I could go on forever about how gorgeous and special that part of Scotland is for me! Put it this way…if we won lottery ….I would relocate Asap!

Right enough from me……someone needs my attention and I want to finish my cuppa while its good enough to be classed as warm!

Bye for now all x




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