A long weekend at last!

Wow, the joy of knowing no work till wednesday, well needed break too. Not only that Tuesday is mine and hubby’s 3rd Anniversary, which means a child free night away on Monday! Now that is going to be bliss.

My weeks of research are coming to some close final ideas. Planning on 3/4 main things…firstly getting my crafts business sturdy and perfect as poss, also doing the home admin/freelance/virtual assistant work from home, and end of july after holiday expenses are done, I am joining Phoenix Independent Trading (selling cards and other pretty stationary). I will also carry on Oriflame but put more effort in the other 3, as Oriflame doesnt seem to make me much anyway, but do love there stuff so I love getting the odd bits myself and my mum and sister like to get the odd thing.  Now I have these focuses I have also purchased some books for setting up as a VA and for setting up my Craft Business properly. Also need to prep the admin docs on the laptop for each new venture and do my business plans and other admin. Organisation and focus are the key words.

I finally got the right length curtains in the post, after missed the postman first time round. So its time to make cute animal shapes etc and sew them on the bottom to prettify them (ok so prettify may not be english but hey it sounds cool). Then cuddly toy time, and start on designing the large cross stitch for framing which will have Ruth’s Date of Birth etc etc on it. Will do main part then  add details after. Also trawling through the vast collection of magazines I have and books for fresh new mix and match ideas for all sides of crafting, so i can do fresh stuff to sell. I am tempted to do a discount on all current stock, to try and clear it a bit. These items will be on my Folksy, Etsy and Creative Stores online shops within next few weeks I hope. As well as my Facebook page obviously. I have been watching alot of Create and Craft channel (of which I am member of the club hehe), getting inspiration etc, oh and the odd purchase….saw the cutest Brambly Hedge card making kit I had to get! Quite excited about getting into my card making again.

Everything last 2 weeks has been more based round the plans and admin for setting up though I am afraid, so no new makes. And now the research can get more indepth now i have my 4 main focuses. But there will be new makes. Unfortunately not this week due to a well needed anniversary break, bearing in mind the usual last 3 years plan of a night away on anniversary may not happen next year, due to 2 kids being on scene, so best enjoy this one eh.

On a sad note it almost marks the anniversary of losing Angel last year at 9 weeks into pregnancy. One thing I will never forget and it happened to happen bang in between wedding anniversary and my birthday which is 10th July, so not going to be an easy thing every year. So here’s to you Angel, and in a few weeks i’m bringing your big brother and your rainbow sister to your special place in Scotland to say hello to you, and to see if those wildflowers have grown where we said goodbye.

One thing we have to deal with in life is ups and downs, but as much as we have to get on in life it doesn’t mean we have to forget and remember precious moments. Hopefully getting on with business plans and crafting will also keep my mind from getting too upset about things too though. Got so much to work towards and an ever growing family, and many fresh new plans and challenges for 2014 to fulfill 🙂

Anyhows everyone its a Saturday night and chill time now, though I going to look through my crafting mags now 🙂

Thats all for this week folks.

Take care.


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