Creativity and Determination…….The time is now!

Well this week has FLOWN!!! Been a short week at work, as was off first part for Anniversary, which was a well deserved break away even if only for a night. Was able to go at a quieter pace for a few days, which suits me more at the moment due to growing bump and growing lack of sleep at night. Loved getting the camera (well the smaller one this week) out and taking some nice pics. Will be turn of big camera in a few weeks when its the trip up to Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands. So looking forward to seeing the  mountains again, even if it will be midge central this time of year. Got a few plans what to do while there. None as important in my head at the moment as visiting Angel’s special place in Glencoe though. Its been exactly a year since I lost her now, and even though i’m carrying my lovely Ruthy and will meet her in 8 weeks as of tomorrow, no-one or nothing could replace Angel. Love all 3 of my babies, whether they are with me or not! So thankful too that my Rainbow girl Ruthy is growing so well, even if she does the most evil Judo chops on my ribs. Right enough of the general life stuff. Apart from can someone please tell my mega headache to do one today hehe, and roll on last 4 weeks at full time job.

Been doing alot more thinking and basic file collating for my new business venture ideas for 2013 into 2014. Even ordered a book to help me make sure I can set up proper for anymore Wedding photography jobs. Must also look into best ways of selling my general photography, and using some photo’s on stock photography sites. Maybe I could sell some images for postcards etc too. I obviously keep in mind why I’m going to make myself busy next year, because I have decided this is the time to take the plunge and follow my dream of making something of my creative side, as well as it being a perfect way of spending more time with the kiddies after maternity leave.

Have treated myself to a few new beads for jewellery making too, but not spent too much due to hols in few weeks. Must be sensible. Feel like I slowly nearing Stage 2 of planning now. For starters Ive decided the 3 main things to do, plus the Oriflame back up to work on. Now I am gathering all the guidance and support via books and networking etc for the Virtual Assistant/home admin, Crafting/Photography business, and Phoenix Trading side. If I don’t do this now, I won’t be prepared by end of maternity leave and I must not and cannot fail myself or my family, and especially doing something I love to do. Got blank business plans ready for each venture so I can get all my aims followed through and fulfilled. Thankfully stockwise for crafting I have most of what I need so very low cost for starting that. As regards the VA side, will require a few bits plus a new site etc. Phoenix should be low start up costs plus my leader will be able to advise me and guide me for the first few months on how to make the most of it all. Plus they provide a good start up price for the kit to help getting started.

Will also be hunting all the sites I can for freelance admin work, targeting local Sheffield companies, and so on, means to get on ladder may have to put a fair few bids on these freelance sites to get some jobs. This should be more strenuous brain wise than manual wise, which suitswhat will be at first a brand new life routine in 8 weeks time.

For the Crafts and Photography, I need to revise a few little bits and think about advertising and continue keeping eye on spends I’ve made. Oh and get making items, research craft fairs, wedding fairs etc. The fact I enjoy designing and writing, means I can at least create new flyers, for advertising etc. Saves cash too!

This is just a fraction of the things I need to do I know admin wise, but hopefully my connections and info grabbing will guide me properly. Today though, when this headache decides to go away, I definitely think its time to get either beads or card making stuff out, or maybe start on the bits to add to Ruths Curtains, specially using the gorgeous new material I picked up at Newark on Tuesday! So much to do, now to find the physical energy to match the mental energy eh. Put it this way if work decides a part time is a no way thing after spring time 2014, I will need to the balance of energies 24/7. Ok so I know reason at moment for lack of physical energy is quite apparent, but I won’t have that problem then, as Ruth will have vacated my belly! Oh how I love a challenge and change …keeps you on your toes I say.

Right a certain little boy of mine wants to go on a certain Cbeebies website, so its my turn to get off the computer apparently. Almost 4 year olds eh…bossy things at times!

Bye for now folks

Helen 🙂


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