3 weeks and counting!

Wow, can’t believe i am in my last 3 weeks of full time work. I am so looking forward to getting some time to look more into making some of my plans into action bit by bit. Picked up some lovely bits and pieces up this weekend via create and craft for cardmaking, oh and some beads off Jewellery Maker channel. As well as discovered a new magazine for sewing ideas. Would have loved to have done some bits and pieces this weekend but the heat, big bump and swollen ankles have sort of put a stop to that. Resting feet etc has been plan of action whenever possible. Still got a house and 2 guinea pigs to look after. I suppose i should be expecting last few weeks of the pregnancy to be slowing me down now though. She is due in 7 weeks.

Hoping the trip to Scotland midweek coming up, will also provide some much required inspiration art wise, plus help my mind relax. Oh and it’s my birthday  same day we travel up. Best way to spend it, going to my most favourite ever place in this world! Hoping it will be it bit coler than here in Sheffield too. Have many nice plans, especially fmily time….involving the Fort William to Mallaig steam train, and the Loch Lomond Highland Games, and a good catch up with one of my best mates who i rarely get to see in person. Scotland always inspires me, fills my mind with ideas and is actually rather calming to the soul.

Bit of a shame this week hasnt been more pro-active but after my break away and as soon as I get more time in the week, I know things will happen more. Think it’s time I listen to my body these next few weeks and make sure these remaining weeks that I don’t get too over stressed.

So in a nutshell apart from some of the purchases and updating any admin stuff on the laptop, I have been trying to keep cool, in the house (spent half an hour outside yesterday evening, and hayfever went stupid!), stuck in front of the fan. Pretty uneventful I know but at least I have plenty of business planning books to root through if I’m not making anything. So all is not lost. Oh yeah, I have been upgrading one of my websites, added pages for the cards i make, etc.

Right one achy tired person is signing off for the night. Hopefully get some sleep in this heat!

Helen 🙂


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