Returned, Refreshed and Ready for my new challenges :)

Well, its been a week since I got back from Scotland, and what a beautiful time we had. The weather was gorgeous, and we got to do all the things we planned to. Was rather worried we wouldn’t get on the steam train to Mallaig as didn’t prebook, but as we turned up on a Thursday, seems we picked a quieter day and were lucky enough to get on it. It was great to concentrate on the photography side of things. In 4 days took just under 500 pics after I had edited and sorted them all out. Was nice to have quiet family time too before the new challenges and changes in life begin. Got one more week left at work fulltime, so going to concentrate on getting this week out of the way, then after this coming Friday, I get to use my free time to sort out my new plans, and relax for the last few weeks as a mum of 1. Luckily I can do most of the prelim stuff from laptop, meaning I can rest my ever swelling ankles thanks to the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I am 35 wks along today so must be prepared incase she wants to arrive in 3 weeks even. Little man is on school holidays from Nursery too. So hould be interesting.

Really looking forward to doing something new and what I have wanted to do for quite a while. Can’t believe how I let everything else take over life to point I’ve felt like a machine. The time for change has arrived.

I have already blogged the link to my Flickr Site, hope you enjoy the pics. If you too are on Flickr feel free to add me.

Thats all for this week. Wish me luck on my last week before maternity leave. Next blog I will be a woman with time to do my stuff 🙂

Enjoy your week.

Helen x 


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