August is here…new start and restart month :)

Hello All! Can’t believe how fast time has flown. As well as now being off from my fulltime job on maternity leave at last, I have been working hard the past few days on sorting out my admin stuff and ideas for my main ventures i want to launch or relaunch first. Firstly I have joined up with Phoenix Independent Trading as a Trader, and everything has arrived in post etc. Ive had a good nosey through everything and sorting a bit of filing out for it later. Also got team leader coming round next week to help me get started as soon as I can, Ruth permitting!! They do some amazing and beautiful goods, including greeting cards, wrapping paper, and tags, gift boxes, invites and reward charts etc, so I can see it may go down with my  new mummy friends as I take on the work at home mum. Hoping to get to more groups etc this time round as well, so the social circle should regrow again!

Secondly, I have looked at my Oriflame, H2R Arts, Crafts and Photography and also H2R Photography side of things and decided since its never really got off the ground as such in the past due to over hectic life, that I am relaunching/restarting. So I have tidied up my websites and Facebook Pages and I am starting afresh with a new head and more determination and fire in me now!

As regards the Virtual Assistant idea …that will be the last one I will be setting up as I feel I may lose some of that fire if I overload myself. Still researching but putting the other 3/4 things first. Obviously I don’t want my admin experience of all those years to go to waste and will make sure it doesn’t. But 3 to 4 projects and a baby due anyday, and a 4 year old on school holidays is enough I would have thought. Lets say life going to be interesting but who doesn’t love a new start or fresh challenge in life eh.

As soon I have got everything together and sorted paperwork wise on all my projects, I am definitely going to be rolling out some new jewellery and card designs etc for H2R Arts Crafts and Photography. Also need to look at advertising myself a bit more. As much as social media helps, seeing people in person etc and advertising various other places will help make things work better.

Also may just have to get my art stuff out and try some designs out for Phoenix Trading as they welcome new designs and pay you for them… It would be excellent if I could submit a few designs and get paid for it!

All in all, its currently a case of prioritisation, and doing as much as I can realistically in my final month of pregnancy. And to be ready for that moment anytime when Ruth decides she is arriving, which in reality is now up to her as much as husband is hoping it wont be for another few weeks. Some good crafting will keep me calm and focused though 🙂 If my sleep is going to stay as bad as it has been may be doing something  chilling and calming in the wee hours as well …… may as well use the time wisely! Maybe the crafting and creative gene may pass on to little miss. Would love to be able to share what I love doing with her as she grows up.

Right Im off to get some food. Will hopefully have another blog before her arrival. Take care all!


One thought on “August is here…new start and restart month :)

  1. Amazed you have the energy well done. if you ever fancy joining me in Neals Yard let me know as you will make a fantastic team leader ann

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