Making the switch from Oriflame to Avon Cosmetics!

Just a short one and nope little Ruth still hanging in there! After feedback from various people, and the fact that Oriflame has made me no money even when ive made the effort. I have asked for opinions as to what people would prefer …… Oriflame or Avon. Without doubt was an outstandingly more positive lean towards Avon. More trusted, better prices and better known. After looking into it, you dont even pay anything till your first 2 orders and then its only 7.50 each time for those first 2 orders. Plus you get 20 free catalogues before then to start you off. Have registered online and a rep/team leader is popping round in next few days to sort things out with me. Just like Oriflame you have to pay for catalogues so can deal with that, etc. Plus Im starting by just targetting Friends, Family, and doing it online as well through what will be my own Avon Page and by setting up a new Facebook Page.

Will keep you updated in future blogs on how things are going on!

Oh and also been working on the Phoenix side of things this weekend a bit more. Looking forward to meeting my Leader tomorrow to discuss getting Phoenix running perfectly.

This keeping myself busy lark, is helping me keep brain working, love it. Now is chill time though, and more wondering when Ruth will decide to appear.

Speak soon

Helen 🙂


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