What A Week!!

Well what more can I say….. this week has been dominated by an awkward little baby who wants to come out but also wants to mess about. Two trips to triage to check on her and the contractions on Wednesday and Thursday. Then she settled down again, then yesterday more pain on and off. Now its Sunday and I am STILL aching, hurting and now fed up. Had allsorts of plans work wise, but lack of time and concentration with everything happening. Anyway enough grumbling…fingers crossed shes not far off, as in very early stages of what I would call erratic labour at the mo, she just needs to get shifting now onto the established labour stage…..Think I need a mass shout from you all saying “Ruth, get your bum in gear and get out!”.

Now for what has been happening work from home wise in between everything! First I have become an Avon Rep. Just been setting all that up, prepping catalogues, getting it out online on Facebook etc. I have also been slowly working on the Phoenix Trading bits. Just need to order the christmas supplements and samples etc, as these are now available for me to get. Was directed to a great supplier for business stickers by my mentor too…….Skarlettnoire Labels….can be found on Facebook! They also do other general label printing for a great price, so I am going to use them again for other labels for my other ventures too!

That has basically been my week as also done some walking to try and encourage a certain someone to get out, and my mum been round while Si been working….just incase anything happened for real!

Todays plans are to pass time by redesigning flyers for H2R Arts, Crafts and Photography, and H2R Photography. We also need to get the printer checked and reconnected on main computer in house so maybe I can then print these things out as well as the other things I need for Phoenix.

Ps if you would like to look at my facebook page for Avon the link is https://www.facebook.com/pages/HRH-Avon/503249423083403 ….you will also find the the link to my Personal Online Brochure wher you can order online direct via my page on the official Avon Page too.

I have been updating my Pinterest page earlier this week, and put up a few pre 2013 makes on there, in new files. This includes Artworks, previously not been shared on Facebook etc.  If you would like a look go to http://pinterest.com/hrhartley/ and if you too are on Pinterest please feel free to add me.

Thats it for now folks. Time to catch up with my flyer designing etc and spend some time with my little boy who has ended up spending 4 nights at Grandads due to all the messing about the last 5 days! Keep everything crossed for a new arrival soon for me 🙂







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