The joys of networking!

Yes, I’m still here and waiting for a certain girls arrival. Eviction notice gets slapped on the belly next Sunday if she isn’t out by then!

In the meantime whilst waiting, I have been trying to make use of my time when been allowed. Got the things needed to get ready to market the Christmas goods from Phoenix. The samples are beautiful and fair prices too. Now to get the sets of samples and brochures out there to my public to be. Also making an obviously expected slow start on my Avon (due to the circumstances this month!). Got a few little orders in, have a few samples, etc. Keeping both the Phoenix and Avon pages up to date. Just a case of getting books and samples and interest out in the big wide world now. I can run both these projects together too, and well with Xmas on the way… it seems its a good time to start up too. Build up that customer base.

I have also been asked to be a second shooter for 2 weddings by my fellow photographer friend. One end of next month hopefully and the other next July. Just got to work out care for little Ruth if I can do next months, as she will only be a month old. I know its only a day and it will get me out of house too, but obviously need to plan out the whole feeds etc on top of it all.

As well as Facebook, I have been updating LinkedIn as much as possible…its quite a good site I have to say. But the star site of the week this week has to be Facebook, after joining a Sheffield Networking group. As we all know networking is a big way of getting out there locally, and getting known, and getting to know what otheres can do as well. Well I may have DUAL/TRIPLE  lead for my ventures thanks to joining a new group for Sheffield Networking, which would incorporate Avon/Wedding Photography, and a chance to get the good old Wedding Stationary side up and running again as a third string if all went to plan as time went on. I wont say too much at the moment as only just really had basic discussion with  the people who got back to me. But sounds a very interesting opportunity, and yes as they told me, there may be financial worries etc in the world, but people don’t stop getting married and Brides still like to get treated and buy lovely stuff in prep for their big days! Plus it seems could get some good cut price advertising sorted out, flyer wise for H2R Photography. So fingers crossed and keep your eyes peeled for more news over next few weeks/months, if all goes ok and the opportunity works. They also know Im obviously about to have a baby too, so know things may take a short while at least to get going properly if it all works out. Sounds exciting though eh!

Oh, I also splashed out this week on a nice set of beads from my fave Jewellery making channel. Ok so I  have enough stock but was a fair priced kit, what can I say!! Making time in a bit maybe! Also been thinking about new thing H2R Arts, Crafts and Photography could offer on the side of Products. Going to do a good brainstorm and make a good list of all the products I am capable of producing to sell. 

All in all not been to bad a week, amidst the bad days after the bad nights sleep due to Ruthy and her failed escape attempts! As I said I will keep you posted, but things dont look too dismal on a few things do they. Just got to keep in mind major countdown clock on now, so things may stand still for a few days or so shortly while the number 1 priority Ruth pops out (whenver that will be!). The joys of not having control…just hate the not knowing !

Bye for now folks! Maybe next time I blog I will have my body back to myself hehe!


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