Still Waiting!!

Wow well Im 2 days off my due date, my sleep pattern has officially died, won’t even be this bad when she arrives, but at leas she has cranked up the pain factor again so not long now.

Been a good and bad time since last blog you could say. Bad because of the waiting for her to arrive and feeling like a zombie. Plus looks like so called big Avon lead could be a no goer. Had my hunches from start to be wary, as the person seemed very full of themselves, and wondered why last Avon rep scarpered (which I suppose slightly made me think), anyway since then not heard a word since back from them, plus a good friend has warned me there personality isn’t great … so guessing my wariness and ability to read people does work on first impressions. So choosing not to carry on with that lead. Will carry on with my marketing plans elsewhere for all my ventures. Have come across people who like to seem they are mr/mrs big business before and not worth it really is it 🙂

On a good note…hit my first target for Avon, after deciding to do a shorter then normal first campaign, due to someones imminent arrival on the cards. Planning a home event running up to Christmas too for Avon and Phoenix. Get a few seasonal sales in, and socialise ….. a perfect mix. Could also do same with my crafts another time.

I am definitely looking to find stalls/events for selling for next year too. Need to also do a major advertising plan too, including the usual facebook pages I am on, local shops, galleries, other online free to advertise places…the options are endless really. Need to get onto vistaprint or some other company which charge same price to do flyers…for my Craft and Photography ventures. I love designing and have some good photostock so im sorted and it doesn’t take too much physical effort either. Just need attractive wording, pictures and colour.

Also looking for more special sites which inform me of where when local craft fairs, wedding fairs are etc.

Just wish I was a little more technological minded, I suppose its a simple fix but having trouble with my H2r Photography site, as in getting my latest updates to appear! Not quite sure what im doing wrong at the moment.

As regards H2R Arts and Crafts, been sorting out ideas from magazines etc, and getting my own ideas running through my head. Its amazing how many magazines you acquire, plus got some amazing stuff for card making, so want to make some lovely handmade offerings now. Oh and as soon as little miss decides to put me ut of my misery and appear, I can get on with the cross stitch thing I want to do with arrival date, weight etc on it.

So looking for help and adivce this week from fellow sheffielders who craft and network….need leads on good networking groups, craft and wedding fair lists, and other marketing ways and means. So please give me a shout if you have any advice.

Plans for the next week ahead from now are obviously Ruth dependent, but already have my Avon stuff ready for the off for the end of next week. Plus a list of recommendations for Campaign 15, products wise, and also what samples I will need for Campaign 17 closer to Christmas. The first campaigns orders should arrive Tuesday, and then I can get those out to my precious first customers.

Also need to get organising a coffee/phoenix/avon morning.

I really do hope the next blog that I will have my body back too.

In the meantime, take care folks 🙂




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