Nappies, Bottles and new ideas!

Hi again to all my followers/readers. Hope your well!

Sorry I haven’t been on here for a few weeks. A certain tiny human can be demanding at times and I am only just learning her routine properly at last and how to fit in my Avon, Phoenix and Craftiness. I know it takes a while but getting up to date with Phoenix and Avon now, and got ideas to get my pages a little more out there so to say. Plus more importantly on the creative side, my brain cell has started to whir up again with new jewellery design ideas. I have been looking at latest trends etc. I’m especially interested in the new trend of tassles (according to Look magazine) and looking into doing a beaded version of a tassle! Plus loving the new Downton Abbey and has got a few 1920’s inspired designs flying around my head.

I have also decided to have a go a Macrame, after watching it on the Jewellery Maker channel. Nothing better than learning a new technique. I just now need to curb any spending I was used to for crafty bits and bobs, now that funds due to maternity leave are quite alot lower. But I definitely have enough things in stock to make enough to sell…just have to keep remembering that fact!

I can’t believe its Autumn again too… I have to say I love autumn. It’s so inspiring and beautiful, and a good chance to get camera out and take some amazing photo’s. Plus the colours of the season etc are a good boost for ideas. Also need to think BLING! as we all know the season that’s ahead of us…Yes the word that starts with CHR and ends in ISTMAS! I have already mentioned the word in regards with my Avon and Phoenix, but not yet addressed it with my Craft and Photography side.

Oh and another thing to love about autumn is the stuff on the telly (apart from X-Factor!) …I’m talking about Downton Abbey, The Paradise (on bbc1 again anytime now), and Strictly……..another Bling inspiration there!.

Right, time to get off here, get a bit of washing out, finish my brew and things while a certain Ruthy is in between feeds, then it’s all done and then have an afternoon freeish (if you count Ruth and Owen the overactive 4 yr old), so may be able to get more things sorted in my creative zone!

Bye for now

Helen 🙂


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