The Spark has returned….

Evening (late one at that too) to my followers and followers of the future,

Its been a while since I last blogged, due to busy busy life but here I am finally. Im finally getting into a routine woo hoo, and touch wood, fingers crossed etc etc….. Ruth starting to sleep through more often. Shes growing well and smiles so much now! Still tiring with 2, and eldest doing the mornings at nursery but we do it!

Anyway, the good news is I have rekindled my love for card making. Spent the past weekend making cards, and ended up making over 15. Would have made more but Owen was wanting a go at it too so spent a fair bit of time helping him too. He loved it, and had to make a card for everyone nearly hehe. He is also loving te beads and thread I gave him last week in the school holidays, whilst I was reorganising my jewellery making kit. You can see my  recently made cards at I am now awaitng an ace looking kit from Create and Craft for making cards for the men.

As for jewellery making, my brain is buzzing with ideas again, so putting them all in a note book and plan to do some designs this week. Just hope my bargain of 10 metres of gold chain arrives this week from Jewellery Maker. Would come in useful. It feels so good to have my imagination and creative lightbulb switched on again. Hope to hunt out a Craft Fair or two for early next year, as will plan to have a good stash of goods for sale by then.

The Avon adventure is going good , managing to get good enough orders to make a few quid every month. Plus branching out from just friends and family to putting books out to my road and neighbouring road now, so hope to get a few more orders in this next book, specially on the run up to christmas. Plus just confirmed my first proper order from someone for the Phoenix Trading business. Not a huge order but definitely a step onto the ladder. May lead to extra orders fingers crossed. Now I just need to get someone to want me to do wedding pics next year. Life definitely busy hey……but its the best way 🙂

Now to decide what to do tomorrow after sorted out the Avon delivery. Can’t decide on cards or jewellery. Also awaiting more essential bits for the cardmaking as a certain boy enjoyed overusing my glue at the weekend for his cards. But I wont compain…. Im just happy he enjoys doing crafty stuff!

Right I am leaving you all again, as need some sleep, and some cough medicine (was sneezing like mad over last week and the weekend and now throat feels yuck!). Dont forget to take a peek at my Pinterest link. Oh and the cards are also on my Facebook Page

Night All

Helen x



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