Its December Already!!!!!!

Wow, can you believe this year is almost at an end?! And what a year it has been. Ver eventful to say the least …. in a good way of course. I have my gorgeous girl Ruth, and my motivation for crafting back, as well as new things ie Phoenix cards and Avon. Now I need to research setting up as a virtual assistant! Admin from home whilst being with my munchkins…perfect if not a little, well very hectic!

I haven’t made any cards this week, was meaning too this weekend or at least today but ended up having a well needed sleep in today. I have the gorgeous new kit from Hunkydory…Eastern Promise! I’m going to have some gorgeous new makes on my page soon with that one. Plus after christmas I will be playing with my new toy,  a sizzix BigShot lie dutting/embossing machine. So I will be able to make my own die cut pieces for cards and more. Going to be a good girl though and wait till Christmas to open it. I also got a great offer on a paper cutter/Guillotine which cuts in curved edges etc, in fact I think it has 5 different edges it cuts, including straight edge of course. So as you can tell I have a few things to get super creative with now. I also need to get more jewellery made.

I am thinking of doing a sort of January Sale, on my cards and Jewellery currently available. Clear the way for new goodies in 2014. So some mega bargains should be on my facebook pages. I have so much jewellery making stock I now must use it before buying more, and same will soon be relevant for card making things I have. Plus I really want to do more cross stitch, was thinking maybe commissioned door signs, like I did for my little Ruth. Now I am starting to manage my time a little better round the routine of the kids, I am hoping these things will be easier. Though you nver know what each day brings.

Remember you can visit my facebook page and my website for all my crafty things. I am also looking for wedding photography jobs again….. and to attract more people will do a special offer in January too for anyone who books a 2014 job in January. Hope this works. I also hope I have a good a month Avon wise as I did last campaign just finished. Found things are better by getting books out to my road!

Anyway after a magical weekend, seeing my friends get married yesterday and watching my little boy have time of his life on the dancefloor (and chat up the ladies with his childlike charm lol!! and yes I don’t meant the under 20 yr old bridesmaids either, I mean the LADIES!), and after a nice relaxing day today, I will be refreshed and ready for another week. Compromising of school runs in the cold (hopefully no windy weather like Thursday gone!), housework, child feeding, research and crafting. And watching the pennies too!

Will keep my pages/websites up to date too. So thats me signing out for now…feeding time for tiny person no2!



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