Countdown to 2014!!

Well, in 13 hours we will be entering 2014. Can you believe it? I can’t…this year has flown by so fast, and been very eventful in a good way! I spent the first 8 months helping little Ruth grow, and finally got the urge to try and set out on my own ideas, and last few months my head been full of craft ideas, to the point I have 2 notebooks to note them all down so they aren’t forgotten! Most ideas come to me in the middle of night whilst feeding Ruth! So I now have a lot of ideas to work on.

Its also been the year I joined the Avon team, and signed up to Phoenix Trading. The Avon is getting there, I have a good small base of customers building up etc the Phoenix I need to work a little more on, suppose I have been concentrating on the Avon more to start with plus with getting into the new life routine involving Ruth, I can’t say haven’t done enough.

Did you all have a good Christmas? Get what you wanted? We had a nice family time at home, the kids got spoiled obviously. It was all Lego for Owen, which I had to help him with of course… nothing like playing with Lego. No matter what age you are! I got a Sizzix Bigshot Die Cutting/Embossing machine, which I love. It means I can get a little more creative with my cards and make my own toppers. Would even have option to make them for selling to other crafter’s maybe. I also got a Candle Making kit…will be nice to try a new craft, and candles are handy, and great gifts to friends and family!

So what do you have planned for 2014? Any resolutions? Mine is to forge forward with my business ideas and craft ideas, and to be there for my kids as well as provide in any way I can financially. I plan to get more into my Phoenix Trading side of things, keep building up my Avon customer base, and get crafting alot more. Plus get out to some craft fairs etc and look for local craft centre’s/shops where I can also possibly sell my Cards and Jewellery. There is also the option of Coffee Shops/Gift Shops. I also now need to look into setting up a website for my Home Administration work I want to start doing. Just need a good name, website and some special software maybe. Oh and some clients obviously. Would love to attend some crafting classes if I have time and money!

Looks like 2014 going to be busy! I may even revamp my current websites!

So here’s to a great 2013 compared to the previous year, and hopes for a good 2014. Hope you all enjoy, and see the new year in with a good old tipple and fresh hopes for a brand new year.

Helen x


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