The Slimcraft Plan

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well! How is your start to the year going? I didn’t set any resolutions apart from get my words into actions business wise.

Anyway whats “SlimCraft” you may ask?? Well after looking shockingly at the scales a week ago, and realising those Christmas foody treats were biting back, I thought of a great incentive to lose weight which involves my 2 great loves making things and buying things for making things! So a week ago I downloaded the Tesco Health and Fitness phone app (free!), and got myself a spare tin for coins! So for every lb I drop in weight, I put £1 in the tin. At the end of April I am going to peer into the tin and see what I have for spending money for a crafty treat. The good news is after a week I already have £4 in it (big smile on face!). I was 12 st 4lb now back to 12st, so thats 4 of the 6 lbs i gained over xmas dealt with, but my goal is to get back to 10st 7lb which I was a few years ago, pre PND and comfort eating! Also got  few crafty friends on a facebook page interested and we are all supporting each other and doing SlimCraft together. The Tesco app is great by the way, you should try it.

Apart from the losing weight goal I am now working on..I am definitely steaming ahead with business ideas. Firstly I really need to try and meet with a free starting up in business organisation, as I really need to do my 2014 business plans as precise as I can. I also know I have plenty of collected materials form the past years …enough for me to make enough to sell arts and crafts wise, so no major start up cost. Then there is the main thing which will help me move forward in all my business ventures……NETWORKING/ADVERTISING/MARKETING! This is only way I will move forward… no use sitting and waiting in a dark corner to be discovered, because it won’t happen. Plus getting out to events/craft fairs etc will be a big boost, and help my confidence.

Next are my up and running (almost running in one case) ventures in Avon firstly, which is doing ok. I’m getting a good customer base and working on growing it, now i am on a role with how it all works. And yes I have had to become proper tough and really think business wise with it due to one time wasting customer as such. But I have thought straight and put foot down there. No money no order now for difficult customers. Obviously it has been dealt with in a professional manner. Then secondly we have my role as a Phoenix Trader, which I have to say went on the back burner, whilst i was building up Avon and getting used to a routine with 2 children to look after. Well now is the time to get words/ideas into action for Phoenix. I recently attended my first Traders Roadshow which has inspired, encouraged and pushed me into the positive mindset I needed to be in. So great plans are ahead for this and I have a few goals I must achieve. Plus need to work on and get some card designs submitted, would love to be one of their artists too! Wish me luck 🙂

Lastly….I also now to have to research, discuss with a free business advisor and set up a Virtual Assistant Role for myself, so I can work from home doing office work. I will also need to design a new website. Which I know I can do as I did all the other I have for myself, and there are plenty of easy free website building sites out there. Again wish me luck…..My maternity leave ends in May and I aim to have the Phoenix and this starting by then. I have already prepped my change of hours request form to put in at work, so if they get it in February I can get my reply in plenty of time, incase I need to source a part time role out there somewhere else while I get business working to there maximum. I know you may think I’m taking alot on with having to kids under 5 too, but always wanted to provide via my own business, even if it means doing all this alongside a part time job on top to tide me by! Anyway the busier I am, the more focused I will be and its kept the Postnatal depression at bay!

On a fun note …craft wise, I am now addicted to Hunkydory card making kits and my new Sizzix bigshot machine with its dies! I found a mega sale on the Sizzix website for dies and embossing folders at the start of the month. Got latest kit form Hunkydory yesterday, so its playtime later (a good way of keeping me away from the fridge too haha).

So apart from playing with that my goals this and next week are:

  • Dedicate set time to Phoenix/getting at least one card design done too
  • Getting making stock to sell and enjoy
  • contact a business start up association for free help
  • Sort latest Avon
  • Research VA
  • Market what I already do/Network/Advertise

Hopefully I will achieve all of these or most of them I hope!

That’s all for now’s brew and nappy time!!



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