Sew now I know whats happening!!

Wow maternity leave has flown. In my final 8 weeks or so already. And believe me I plan to enjoy it. I also which direction things are heading work wise too, and can’t wait for new challenges. Can’t say a lot on that matter at all at the moment but pastures new await. To be honest as well I need a new challenge/focus. The joys of working as a temp for many years previous to getting these permanent roles, moving on doesn’t phase me, just have to adapt to new things that’s all.

I also had fun this week, getting to know my nans old sewing machine! Its an old 1969 Singer 478. 45 years old this year it is….scary thing is I am only 11 younger than it!! Anyway, found a great ad in local market for someone who comes and gives sewing machine lessons. So obviously had to oblige as working my machine out on my own was not going to happen! After just 2 hours help and guidance, I am starting to feel I actually understand it now. Just need to practice the stitch varieties and settings and lines now. Whilst digging through the kit my nan had with the machine (which was alot of the original bits and pieces including the tool kit), there is a proper antique we discovered. I say antique, its from 1956 and is a Greist Rotary Buttonholer, and with all the kit and in very nice condition. Looked on Ebay to see if there were any on there. To find only one being sold in the UK, and just a handful in the US. It was originally made in the US by the way. Anyhow, bearing in mind my sewing machine already has a buttonhole setting, and the fact the Buttonholer is in nice condition and I don’t really need to use it…… I’m thinking of selling it! Why not I say. I love finding little treasures. I will of course post some pics of my lovely machine!

I have also been trying to sell some Fosters Pottery, as I have collected a fair bit and now want some space in the storage room. Not much interest given so far unfortunately but will keep persevering!

On a big Ruthy note…. she is soooo close to crawling. Can easily get on her hands and knees, now and trying to move those knees forwards. Time to get the safety gates ready I think. As I type she is currently on all fours staring at her knees trying to work it all out! As for Owen, can’t believe how well he is doing at school…… learning to read properly now too. They don’t stay little for long do they.

On the crafting side of things its been slow, as been trying to organise “my office” as such… but have got another lovely card making kit, and a few bits and bobs. Also rejoined Create and Craft club, so I can start taking advantage of 10% discounts again. Really tempted to make a bag when up to speed with the sewing machine though, oh and some cushion covers…revamp the tatty old covers we currently have. Least now I know life’s path, I can organise time more for getting some nice jewellery made too, as well as more cards.

From May I will be on the hunt for part time work…should be fun. I will be visiting my old friends the employment agencies first probably, whilst my Virtual Assistant business gets off the ground. I already have researched a bit for what I need to do to set up that business, and costs are actually reasonable and low. Even after I get a solicitor to check the contracts I will use for customers. Business name already picked…. and no one else has it…just need to get domain name bought and website created. Plus stationery needs creating and networking/advertising. Was suprised how low Public Liability insurance is too for a year. My plan is to get these things done and then come May when I am contractually free to do so… press that in switch and be ready to begin.

I have also come to the conclusion, Avon is only ever going to be a pocket money thing…. bearing in mind most of roads round me have flats and I have canvassed all my very local roads. Got a good small base of customers, and its great, and basically helps me get out there, be more confident etc.

If only there were enough hours in the day eh…. I don’t half push myself at the moment with business planning,kids, house, Avon, crafting and Phoenix…but keeping busy keeps me sane strangely enough. Somehow I even manage to fit in some exercise dvd sessions most weeks. Well I need the extra energy I guess. Plus still got a stone to shift. So more work needed on that. I am definitely looking forward to a break next month though, so need a holiday! And the camera will be busy again (at last). It’s also the last time we will be able to take a holiday in term time without that ridiculous fine they hand out, before Owen turns 5. Plus I get to see some old friends while away who have known me since I was tiny. Always good to catch up, not seen them in over 10 years.

So anyway I best get back to my crazy life, long weekend ahead and hubby not working  all weekend or next week, which is brill. Maybe I can sneak some more time in and get somethings made etc. And who knows…..Ruth might actually perfect the crawl by the end of next week. I also need to hunt out my perfect next mobile phone…because next month is…..UPGRADE time! Love picking a new toy lol!

I will post pics of my lovely sewing machine etc soon 🙂 In the meantime, take care people and have fun! Life would be dull without that in your life!


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