She’s on the move already!!

Well it’s been fun since I last was on here. Very much so because just under a week ago Ruth actually started crawling, and in that week it has gone from doing the caterpillar to the proper hand and knee crawl. Of course, she wants everything she isnt supposed to have including the dials on the radiator, old newspapers for the guinea pig cage, oh and of course daddy’s computer lol. Been a week of hiding things or dragging her away from things. Oh did I say if you hold her hands she pulls herself up into a standing position. No doubt she will be walking in 3 months time too. They say the second child learns faster but didnt expect all this by her turning 7 months (which was today).

Finally chilling out with a brew, and the Great British Sewing Bee, after a long day. But I like it busy….keeps me sane of sorts. Plus been updating my good old Avon accounts, and trying to work out how to register to do online tax assessments. Finally worked it out and next step when able to, is to work out the actual tax return. Bearing in mind it will be first time doing one, not looking greatly forward to it but soon as I get used to it like everything else, it will be fine.

It looks like my camera will be having an outing at the end of May, as I am helping a fellow photographer friend and being second shooter for the day… can’t wait, hopefully it will give me a boost to get more wedding jobs etc. A few days before that as well I have a nice day trip to the Phoenix Trading HO too, which should be fun.

As always have some lovely stuff to make things with and I have so many things I need to work on and create on the crafting side, but I have an excuse to get making this week as need to make a Mothers Day card. I am thinking of doing something floral and different, maybe incorporate a die cut shape or two!

I am also now needing to get my CV back out there, mainly to agencies, some to re-register at, some I will be new to. Only 6 weeks or so till im on the job market as well as setting up on my own. Just hoping the agencies have some good part time jobs available for however long they may be. Looking forward to a new scene. Then of course start of May I should be free to get set up on the VA side. All I can currently do is write everything down and do basic planning, as due to an upcoming holiday certain costs such as website, domain name, etc etc will only be able to be met when I get back home. May looks like it will be a busy month, so this month I should just enjoy the end of maternity leave and the holiday. Then come May, be in the mindset that although I am not in the old work setting, I am also not on Maternity anymore and must start work on my VA business asap, as well as the other ventures I do. Quite exciting to think I can then be free to say I am my own boss, even if I temp as well to help until things run smoothly. Oooo its all exciting and so many new challenges ahead! Let’s just say I have lists written down of what needs doing for everything …. I love lists ….does that make me a crazy woman?? Or does it just mean my brain can no longer retain everything?

Now I am off to enjoy rest of my brew while it has some heat to it… a rare thing these days… so glad my new diet allows caffeine, I already have cut out chips and chocolate etc and I thrive on my daily brews!

Ps If you know of any good part time jobs in Sheffield let me know 🙂

Night all 🙂


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