Been crafting again….at last!!

Morning all, Just thought I would blog while I have peace and quiet (Owen at school and Ruth kipping!). Its been a crazy few weeks, trying to make sure everything works out work wise leaving one place, sorting a leaving do (got to have one of those!), and generally and also literally chasing Ruth around as she is now crawling to everything she mostly shouldn’t and climbing everything too. Oh how I love these quiet moments! No telly, just radio on, BBC Alba to be precise at the minute ( I do love Scotland that much, and the Gaelic language, though I can only understand certain bits of it), but most of time and probably showing my age…. I do like a bit of Radio 2…. at the ripe old age of going on 34!! Anyhoo’s enough of my old person music……as i bop along to the bagpipes at this very moment.

I actually made time to do some card making yesterday, and want to do some more in a bit. I made a Notelet box with 5 notelets, plus 3 spinner cards, all floral themed. I will post some pictures up later in week when done more. I would pop up to the bedroom/craft room to do more now but placed little miss at bottom of stairs due to the washing machine making  a right royal racket and not wanting her to wake up yet! AS normal, I have soooo many ideas ready to work on, and this is where I now have to think, this is one of my ways of wanting to earn money, so time must be allocated. Even if I am on last few weeks of maternity leave. But we also have a family holiday coming up at the end of the month, which I am so looking forward to. Taking my babies to a place I knew from being there age! Sentimental it may be but I love it.

I am also super happy with my clever little lad, he isn’t 5 till September, but wow his reading skills are fantastic. Up a stage in the school reading scheme again, and over the weekend blasted through the first book of that stage he has been given! One proud mummy here, and I will be encouraging these skills obviously….I don’t think I even learned to read to his level till I was nearing 6 or just a bit over 6 (but then again I never went to nursery either).

After next school holidays, which begin at end of this week, I will be making him stay 1 full day a week at school too, just to get him used to the full day routine when September arrives. So extra time to do things as well.

I know I definitely need to contact the agencies now, so next month fingers crossed I may have some temp work. Thank goodness for email, as yet again the printer has messed up again. I am so getting a new one as soon as financially possible! Means hand writing all my Avon slips to go with the books again as well, which is a pain but shouldn’t take too long. Just need to use printer to scan and send something to and agency too, but cant even scan at mo either. Ok printer rant over lol (it will be out of window asap haha). So any suggestions on a good but not expensive printer/scanner/copier would be helpful!

Plus I can’t properly set up VA business till June, when I will have the finances available, so more planning time, which isn’t a bad thing. Life is a proper juggle act at the mo with Avon, Phoenix, Crafting, and needing a part time temp job, as well as setting up as VA. Which obviously come after the precious kiddies! Least it stops me going mental from any kind of boredom. Ps – Coffee helps a lot…speaking of which I need another one of them!

On a final and maybe weird note… discovered a great TV show on Sky 1 called Yonderland, by the makers of Horrible Histories..its ermm what can I say apart from crazy! Probably not as mad as This is Jinsy though. I get picky about whats on these days, so many channels, nowt good ever on.

Right im going to theoretically jig to the kitchen to make another coffee. Poss do a proper one while no one can see me jig too haha.

Bye for now, and will post the pics of my new makes up soon!

Helen x


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