Post holiday blues!!

Well, I am back home after an amazing week away. So nice to visit Northumberland again, and some old dear friends I haven’t seen in over 10 years. This morning on realisation of being home, I so wanted to hide in bed šŸ˜¦ But no, it took a while and I am up and what can be described as alive. Just catching up on the post holiday washing, and cleaning, etc. Plus two tooth Ruth on the go. And when all this is done, relax and plan week ahead….which includes contacting agencies with my CV, sorting the Avon, having a few crafty sessions, and the work night out on Friday. Going to miss those guys at work! Oh and the usual school runs! Plus being on holiday, earned a few pounds i need to re-shift! So back on the strict healthy eating regime. Don’t we all let go on holiday??

The camera has been very very busy the past week, I have over 700 pics to edit, so another thing for next week. Least I know the camera is fit for the wedding job at the end of the month. Saw so many lovely places, including Alnwick Castle, Morpeth (where we stayed), Bamburgh, Seahouses (where my friends live), to name a few, plus met with some friends who live near Newcastle, for lunch on the Sunday! To be honest it was so nice to be able to know people where we went, and to be able to take my little munchkins to places I loved as a kid. So what if when I was older I made a few booboos in life which came connected to a place up there. It shouldn’t have but did take a long time for me to be able to have the attitude and guts to say who cares who lives there, its a free world and the past is the past! So feeling accomplished now, because now its all about the future and my family. And I will not be leaving it so long till I see my dear friends again! I will be posting pics as soon as I get them sorted by the way… it may take a while hehe.

There was also a few trips to soft play centres, as well as laddo enjoying the trip to Alnwick Castle where he had Broomstick training, Harry Potter style (they filmed it there). Plus on the day after we arrived there was the annual Northumbrian Gathering, which remembers the historic times and battles fought between the Scots and Northumbrians! Was very good šŸ™‚

I also have a trip to Manchester to plan for start of June…. a new place to tick off on my list… another thing to look forward to. Also from Tuesday I MUST get into mindset that I am NOT on maternity leave anymore..and get temp job hunting, plus get VA business planning completed this month in time to start the set up process in June. Plus getting back into the countryside has mentally motivated me to want to get out there to places not far away, where there is countryside and green grass!

So here’s to Job hunting, Crafting, Editing and Avon(ing) for the week ahead, and Partying obviously on Friday! Back to reality time.

Ps, you know your a mum when you end up preparing and feeding your screaming child (who is sat directly behind you in the car) in a traffic jam on the motorway. Thank goodness we had a flask of water and milk powder all ready. Was just a little awkward at times but I achieved it šŸ™‚ Note to self, Motorway delays, bored four year olds and hungry babies do not mix well!


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