Teething babies and Agencies!

Well, the time has come (and gone) where I am now officially off maternity leave and saying hello to the lovely employment agencies again. 17 emailed, 4 of those I have completed re-registration….now to chase up emails to the others and get all I need sorted with them. I took Ruth with me last week when I signed on with 3 of them last Thursday. I applaud her for her patience but bearing in mind we stopped mid visits to feed, which will have helped the situation. Plus the attention she got, it’s amazing how women re-act to a baby visiting an office. I am also now on the hunt for a childminder who could have Ruth with a weeks notice. What can I say… I have to be picky. Owen was and will be again left with family, but I will be handing Ruth to someone new, which will be strange for me. There is going to be a vetting process going on me thinks!

I’m having to go careful at the minute even though not working, as no finances to set up my new business(es) yet for another 2 weeks, so trying to get planning sorted. I am definitely looking forward to June, so many things are going to happen. I can finally set up the VA business, try and get my crafts and photography out there and known. Plus hopefully get some temp work sorted, etc, and get a regular crafting session or two a week. Oh and get my old paper provisional driving licence renewed, as I have decided while it’s possible I want to get back to driving lessons…..got to test stage twice before running out of cash. Its been 10 years or more since I last tried now. So clear them roads. Helen Hell on wheels is going to be back. For those who are confused Its from a Wings album, Wings being a band Paul McCartney was in many moons ago!

One thing I am going to do also in June is go and see what Manchester city centre offers. A girly day out! Going by train….shops…..bit of wine….sightseeing etc. And my first trip ever to a Hard Rock Café…has to be done. Going midweek, so may be quieter, plus solves childcare problems as little miss can be watched by her daddy!

In the meantime, got a few hectic weeks ahead, apart from school runs. A trip to Phoenix Trading HQ in London, a second shooter wedding job, A kids party (with Owen going as Iron Man!), planning VA stuff, Craft Selling opportunities, Get Phoenix stuff out there, plus my Avon. On top of that, one dribbling toothy little girl who is getting her 3rd tooth and trying to bite everything, specially legs and shoulders. At least from now till end of school year, Owen now does full day hours on a Monday. Just get him accustomed to the routine for September. Today was first Monday he did it, and it definitely tired him out.

Talking about being tired, that’s exactly what I am…so I will say goodnight for now. Take care out there!!!

Ps if you can recommend anything/anywhere to go in Manchester…leave a comment!!


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