Hello Everybody!!!!

Bland title I know but brain couldn’t think of anything even slightly fun or pun like…it’s the school holidays and brain has finally frazzled! Aside from the fact Owen now has a proper computer in his room (not connected to internet yet!) which has meant peace and quiet from him in past day……its been mad. He is currently in his room watching Lego Star Wars on his computer. Star Wars is his latest “fix”, its amazing what they get into! Ruth is just generally discovering how cool freedom is, she is into everything, and rather vocal, so your typical 9 month old.

Anyhoooos, everything is completed financially so I can now start setting up an admin business, which I will get stuck into next week majorly! Oh and inject something into getting crafts and photography side of things. I have already invested in new batteries etc for the camera, as it showed how bad new ones were needed. After over many years of recharging, like all batteries, the camera ones, have decided to last a few hours before dying. So Ebay to the rescue today. Last sunday I had the joy of working alongside my friend, as a second shooter at a wedding. The setting was gorgeous. It was at Ringwood Hall, near Chesterfield. Not far from home really, and the place is gorgeous, even if the hotel corridors resemble a rabbit warren when hunting for a room. Originally the ceremony was to be outside…but luckily there was room inside, as the weather was shocking and didn’t change till after the ceremony. The couple was so much fun, the marquee and decor beautiful, and the chance to get back to doing a wedding amazing. Between us we took over 1200 pics, which to no envy, my friend Mel is going to edit. So that has meant I have only had to go through all the ones I took, pic my faves to use as examples etc to get future work, and edit them if needs be. Got them down to 170. Will pick 15 to put on Flickr though, so thats going to be fun. The wedding also made me realise I need to keep my camera out more often, and get to know it more. Since having the kids it seems to have had an on/off relationship with me…ie only used on daytrips and holidays. So I plan to do an online course as recommended by Mel, which will help me know my baby more.

I have also discovered a new site similar to but better than Flickr, called Viewbug.com. It is more contest and awards based than Flickr, plus I was able to transfer pictures straight from Flickr to Viewbug. I have to say I love the site already. The link to my viewbug page is http://www.viewbug.com/member/H2RPhotography …let me know what you think. I also found out about a local Sheffield photography group. They even meet up monthly.

I will be revealing my new admin business name in the next few weeks, after I have got the domain names etc, and set up a site. Plus all the other things I need to do. So watch this space. I am also looking to sign up for an online accounting course as well as the photography course, and whatever else I need to do to boost my skills to get work.

In the meantime, today is retail therapy afternoon/evening. It is well needed, believe me. Although I love, adore and cherish my munchkins…every so often I need a break, and as it is Ladies Night at Meadowhall tonight which involves treats and discounts…. how could I not go?! I have even had a blast at my clothes Gok stylee and got rid of some bits I never wear. Maybe I can update my wardrobe a bit now! Plus to sit down and drink a nice hot coffee and people watch will be fun. I even like to take Ruth to local shops and do so at Coffee shop. She does her own people watching, and gets lots of attention, plus I take her mid morning food too.

Right thats me done for now, and talking about coffee, I think Im due another while Ruth snoozes! I assure im not addicted to the stuff…honest haha. And here’s a cute pic to cheer your day up in the meantime!Image


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