Catching a moment!

I know it is late but better late than never….or when you have peace and quiet like now!

So, the research etc has begun for my up and coming admin business. Found places for royalty free images I can use on a website, and decided to set up the website via Moonfruit, which I have used in the past. Company name decided, but yet to be announced, as waiting to get the all important domain name sorted. Just need to sort out what to charge for my services. All I know is it will have to cover Tax and N I costs, as well as make me a profit of some kind.

I am also overjoyed to say that my new printer arrived end of last week, and I set it up all by myself, and….it works great so far! “Crazy woman!” I hear you cry! Getting excited over a printer, but was so peeved off with the old one and its foibles. Anyway now that problems sorted for printing I can now print off the slips to put in with my Avon books again. It has been a royal pain in the bum handwriting everything!

I super addicted to the Viewbug site now, and gone for premium membership, meaning I have been entering a few more contests. Would be nice to win one but that would just be a bonus. I have also discovered a few Sheffield based photography groups/places. I am unfortunately still waiting for groupon to bring back the online photography course I so want to do, to help refresh skills and learn a few more things. I keep checking but so far nothing coming up! Patience is a virtue as they say.

Oh and miracle of miracles, I actually got to make a card the other day. Was for a friends little one, but forgot to take apicture of it like an idiot haha. But didn’t have time that evening to make more so will attempt another session soon, as well make some jewellery. I have made a not so sneaky purchase from one of my fave jewellery making supplies sites so best get using some beads up etc. I must admit this week feeling more in control of what I need to do for my own work type ventures. Still trying to work them round the chasing about of a very noisy baby girl, and equally bossy little boy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am of course still on the hunt for that part time job to get an income in while I get things set up obviously. I really must get back in touch or re-email those agencies!

On the note of my darling little monkeys…….the smallest one is now showing her true voice haha…after only being able to say mama, and dada (mama is the favourite!), she now has started saying, or should that be yelling “owen”. I am so shocked how quick she is growing and learning! She obviously adores her big brother.

I went to the opticians last week, after a 3 year gap since last visit. I should have been wearing my then prescribed glasses for the last few years but nope, I sort of didn’t like them on alot of time, which they were for computer work etc, and slight distance problems. Anyway, as they say karma has come back and bit me on the bum so to speak, because of my lack of wearing them in the past. The right eye no major change but slightly worse…. the left eye was shocking. The optician covered up the right eye and I was amazed at how terrible the left eye was on its own. I obviously had not noticed this as the right eye has been compensating for the left one. Well, that will teach me! Ordered some lovely glasses though (with the added bonus of hubby’s tesco discount taken off the price!). Anyhow on that note, eyes need a rest as well as the rest of me. Ready for another long day tomorrow.

Take care folks!


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