What a sunny day!

Hello again! I’m back already… the sunshine must be going to my head! Been a rather semi-productive week so far I have to say. Finally got the form for a fresh and updated provisional licence sent off, and even made a small start on the admin business too. I have picked the website provider, so next thing is to grab the domain, which will then provide me an email address for the business. After that I can sort out business cards and suchlike things. I have also seen an online course which may help me and it includes book keeping. Last night I started to do my “to-do lists”, and wow I am going to be busy, but well excited, just now to sort out priority of each task. I also have an idea where I will go for my business account when things get on the roll, and where to get the public liability insurance (but no oleg toy as they don’t do them for business quotes on compare the market! So sad :(…..)

There are a few more new pics on the Viewbug and Flickr pages…. I was playing about with the camera settings to get the white balance to what it should be on manual settings. I am also looking for a permanently free version of Photoshop or something similar. Worth a try! The camera will be back out on Sunday though, as going to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We have promised Owen for a few months now, plus I really want to go, because I am a big kid too!

On the oh no side of things this week, the Hayfever has reared its ugly head. No shock really, at least it held back which means hayfever season will be shorter. Plus unlike last year I can dose myself up with anti-histamines now! And right now I am going to make it no better, as I really want to go in the garden and do some tidying up of it, and ant murdering! Already seen the demise of a few spiders in the house this week. Not because they were huge, massive and scary but annoying and spindly. Plus there were too many of them. I must admit we have a proper hairy henry of a spider in the living room though, just behind the big cabinet. If I can I will get that one! If you hear a huge scream this week, it is me getting attacked by hairy henry!

Well I’m off again. Fresh coffee needed and get the gardening gloves out!


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