Uploading…please wait lol!

Well again it is time to update Flickr and Viewbug after yet more pictures being taken! We went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park last weekend. Can’t believe such an ace place is so close to home. I don’t know who enjoyed it more me or Owen. Ruth was asleep in the pushchairfor most of it unsuprisingly. I think my favourites were the Squirrel Monkeys in one of the enclosures, they were literally running round your feet. I could have watched them forever. The Giraffes were so cute too, and we got there just in time for them coming out of their house. And to get to walk round the Wallaby enclosure and stroke them ahhh was so cute! No suprise but I took alot of photo’s that day too. Owen was obviously drawn to the indoor playcentre, which was noisy as hell as expected, but a pretty good playcentre compared to ones we have been to so far!

As well as that little trip, we (Ruth, Owen and myself) took an impromptu trip to Renishaw Gardens. I have been meaning to go for weeks, and as soon as the sun started appearing after picking up Owen from school, the decision was made there and then that the kids would be fed etc, and a taxi booked!  The camera was prepped, and off we went. Thank goodness you don’t need a childseat in a taxi. Anyway I ended up sunburnt it got that gorgeous and sunny. Again….Ruth was alseep after 10 minutes being pushed about. Owen was chatting all the old ladies up, as the [place was nice and quiet apart from gaggles of old women wandering and enjoying the weather. When I retire I want to be like them! I can imagine my nan Ruth would have been same. My poor camera was made to work hard again with over 200 photographs taken. I spent time messing with manual settings and trying to avoid auto settings at all costs. After editing 228 was the final number kept. Was well worth the taxi fare and entry, plus a good work out on the arms with the pushchair, steps and steep part of the childrens trail.

Looks like Flickr almost up to date now, Viewbug next, and luckily they are connected so easy to sort Viewbug out. And everything backed up as normal. Bearing in mind amount of pics I am uploading it is bound to take forever. Plus it keeps me away from football a bit. Not that England will be home soon anyway.

Im hoping to have my provisional driving licence through in the post by Saturday, If you can’t tell …. I am itching to get back on the road and have lessons. Only been 10 years since I last had a bash at it! Just think though, when I finally pass, I won’t be restricted as to how far I can go because of bus and taxi’s etc. I have my glasses now which will help too… they help in general to be honest. I definitley needed them.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get back onto setting S20 Admin Solutions up a bit more. Currently looking at free accounting software, etc, plus need to do wording for flyers and cards and get those ordered. This poor laptop needs to get busy. Plus I need it for the Sage online course I going to start imminently. This course will help me regarding getting temp work as well as with my own business. I also need to remember to sort Bank account when things kick off and Public Liability Insurance.

On a good note also…the sun is back out tomorrow! So will have split my time with Mr Sunshine. Anyway I am off now, need sleep! Night 🙂


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