My last blog as a 33 year old !

Morning all! Well I am that close to being 34 now, less than 24 hours left till I am one step closer to my retirement age, what ever that will be after its keeps getting pushed on haha.
How have we all been then? Enjoyed the recent and ongoing sports events? I have to say that watching the Tour de France (on telly for me unfortunately!) was ace. Yorkshire did brilliantly. Just shows what a great bunch of welcoming. kind and wonderful people there are! And the scenery in Stage one was so beautiful. Shame they showed the places they did in Sheffield, I mean surely they could have picked some better places! Then there was the British Grand Prix… another good result for us Brits! As expected England papped up the football .. but we all saw that coming, but not the extent and effort they did. Oh and Murray didn’t quite protect his Wimbledon title either. Thought he wouldn’t though. The amusing thing was watching Simon getting totally confused as to what to watch on TV sport wise, on the Sunday just gone. He didn’t know what to keep on, everything was all on at the same time…. which seems a bit mad to me!
Looking forward to rest of week as Simon is off. So we are going out for nice meal and few drinkies this week…just the 2 of us, and on Saturday he is watching the two mini people while I go to the Summer Crafting event at Doncaster Racecourse. I have my train tickets at the ready, etc. Ok.. getting up at 6.30 on Saturday will be a drag, but making a day of it while I can. Owen doesn’t know yet too but he is going out with his cousin for the afternoon on Saturday… we don’t tell him these things till the day or we get pestered forever until the day arrives, plus a surprise is nice!
Having him home will also give me chance to make some Thankyou cards for Owen’s teachers. They are the best teachers ever, and he is definitely teachers pet haha. On the S20 Admin Solutions side, things are still in slow steady progress. Life is a juggle at times, specially with Ruthy getting more and more active! But that’s no excuse and I MUST knuckle down. Specially after looking at costs for working part time over 5 days recently and realising even then I would still be down on what I currently get after paying for Ruth’s childcare alone, and that’s after only paying 4 days a weeks worth. This is truly crazy, and yet they say they will help people with kids work. I can see why mums who can’t get family help for all there kids decide its not worth it till the little ones are a bit older.
The Avon is doing ok at the minute, just trying to decide how to get more customers. Its keeping me happy though, made friends through it too! Need to renew the Phoenix Trading very soon though, and I really must make it work now.
Only 13 weeks till our little trip to Italy 🙂 I really can’t wait. We even picked up an Italian phrase book for cheap on our trip to Aldi yesterday. Having a phrase book is always a good start, even if our friends will help with the language barrier while we are there. It will be hard at first without the kids but a well deserved break as a couple is needed. There is always a phone, to keep in touch with the kids daily. Anyway we are already looking at booking next years family holiday. This time I am thinking St Davids again. Been a few years since been there now. Plus it is also where I had inspiration for one of Ruths middle names Eleri, after the owner of a holiday place we frequently went to years ago!
I really need to get to know my new Nikon camera a bit more too in the next few months, as it is the chosen camera to take on holiday, as well as my little hand held Samsung! Never be without a back up camera I say.
Right I best be off, need a coffee, and sort Ruth’s bottle etc while she is asleep, so there is less grumping when she does awaken. Ps we are now slowly watering or should I say milking down her formula milk, with real full fat bovine juice! Well she is 1 year old at the end of next month, Time flies!!! Oh and I need to pick up Owen in an hour or so 🙂
As they say on “This is Jinsy”…….Nightly bye!!!!


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