Evening from a now calm Sheffield!

Well I don’t know about you but I loved the thunder and lightening we had today. Not seen a storm like it in ages. I ended up tracking it on http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime?lang=en which I have discovered to be a fantastic site. I have even been tracking a storm far bigger than what we had. It was over Paris when we first started watching it, and now its over water and skirting past Norfolk Coast and still a beast of a storm! Shame I got no photo’s of it all when it happened here but hey.
I went to Summer Crafting show, the other weekend…..I can definitely give it a good review. I was done by 1pm though, had to leave or would have spent too much and felt bad after. I got plenty of bargains though, and have some new ideas. I got some gorgeous graduated Regalite beads, which are full of so many colours and can’t wait to make something with them. I also picked a few pieces for my younger sis, which was a must specially after seeing the West Highland Terrier papers one stall had!
I also made a big decision a week ago. As you know, I have a few things I am trying to do, the main ones being Avon, my crafts and photography and in stages of setting up the admin business. But there was one thing that I was seriously lagging behind with, which was coming up for renewal. So after long thought and so on, I have hung up my Phoenix Trading apron. To be honest my heart is more with hand crafting to sell, and the only thing I may do in regards of Phoenix is submit designs as and when I can, as I still like the idea of getting my cards designs published. As for the selling side, its no longer viable. You have to remember I now have a very active, almost a year old little tiddler, who is seriously progressing at the minute. So a lot of attention has been directed at her. I have to say I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks of no early get ups to take Owen to school. May even try and sneak in the 2 or 3 times a week of doing my fitness dvd, to combat the not walking to school exercise I normally get. Plus I really need to lose a stone!! or two! And my motivation has been low….this past week and specially today.
We also have out 2015 holiday booked…hoorah. I got school holiday dates the other week, and decided to be uber organised, being that it has to be in school holidays and time is needed to save and pay in order to get luxury of going! So back to Wales we go next May. Bank holiday time too. But fear not, as I hope to spend at least a day on my favourite beach at Whitesands Bay, just down the road from where we are staying. Anyone would think my kids are welsh with their names too. Owen Morgan, and Ruth Eleri, mad coincidence is all it is. But a darn cool one at that.
Looking forward to a few new project ideas for crafting that I have. One includes old maps and a frame. The other old Typhoo cards and frames. Basically I am a lover of all things old, collectable and also of family history. I have even done the family tree to over 700 members! One of the framed ideas is a present for the oldies anniversary, so can’t go into that. But… in exchange for some old typhoo cards, and stamps which I will use in some crafty way probably…. I am framing up some old cards for my neighbour too. Better than them being kept in a cupboard. I also discovered some old papers from the 1930’s which will be great copied and used as backing papers and some elements as toppers. Plus some old family photo’s which scanned in could be used in some crafty sense. Turning the old, abandoned and unused back into life again. At the same time preserving the originals of course. Some of the old papers make good reading by the way. In fact on topic of written word, there is also an old album with very very old drawing and poems in. One is so good I may reproduce it as a verse on a card. Its lovely to keep history alive or revived.
I must also think of a few ideas to keep young man quiet during the school holidays. Apart from him staring at the Lego Movie Game and watching Star Wars DVD’s. He needs keeping quiet with something crafty or getting outside and taking advantage of what so far is a wonderful summer weather wise. I have to say, I am LOVING it…. it so makes up for hiding from it all last summer due to be bumpy and tired and too hot! I know a few people who are in the state I was last year and all I can say to them is… I feel your pain! Hot weather and bumps do not go together at all.
Next week looks like a fine one again though, so time outside with the kids will be on the agenda fingers crossed.
Anyhow’s I must retire to the pit I call bed. Its almost Midnight, and I fear I may turn into a pumpkin if I stay up much longer!
Ps the storm is now dispersing over the English Channel, but giving Norwich a good show.


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