Has it really been a year!!

Well they say time flies, and boy it has…..a week today my little baby girl turns 1, and 13 days after that my big boy turns 5! She is definitely losing the baby look, and looking more like proper cute little girly. As for my little big man, he is so grown up and funny. It has been an odd and hard week this past week though. Owen has been on holiday with his nan and granddad at the seaside. I have obviously been phoning him once a day to see how he is, and we did go see him on Thursday and have a day at the seaside ourselves (which Ruth loved!). Basically I have missed him sooo much, and I am imminently awaiting his arrival back home anytime today! He is however coming back to…wait for it… a TIDY bedroom, after daddy and mummy went in with binliners. Can you guess what we discovered amongst the mess in his room? Yup shockingly we found the FLOOR! He now has to keep it tidy or the binliners return. As well as organise his room, the box room got a good sorting out, plus Owen’s and Ruth’s clothes. Sold some bits, gave the rubbish that wasn’t bin fodder away to anyone who could take it away for carbooting, and the utter crud was filed in the big black thing with wheels outside the house! I do hate clutter. Even my shoes and handbags got a good sort through. Obviously my craft stuff was left alone. If I do hoard anything its crafty stuff. At least some of the craft stuff from our bedroom now has a new home in the tidied up box room.

As well as organising the house, whilst Si was off all week last week, almost surgically connected to his computer games!! lol! It meant someone could watch Ruth while I cracked on with the sorting out. Plus I did some more delving into the family History. Found some interesting stuff regarding my G Grandad Jonathan and his sister Annie, and their role in WW1. Found out more about Annie’s nurse role. Turns out she worked in Cammell Laird in Nottingham as a nurse for the munition workers. Jonathan on the other hand worked for Cammell Laird in Sheffield. Not sure what he did exactly, but he did pass down 2 postcards of artists impressions of the factory and there was also a declaration from the King dated late November to all munition workers and their efforts in WW1. It was addressed to Jonathan in the Transport Dept and Cammell Laird. I’m intrigued now as to his exact role! Plus I am trying to connect an piece together a few aunts of my granddad Colin’s now. This genealogy lark is amazing, quite tempted to make something out of it!

I have been Ebay queen past few week, and I don’t mean just in purchasing goods by the way. Been selling stuff, and love it. Various trips to post office and I am finally guessing the postage costs better. Got bitten a few times by the post costs but don’t we all at times.

On the driving lesson side of things, I’m definitely getting more confident, and enjoying it more now. My plan is to have passed by May, so I can help with some of the driving on holiday! I am also really tempted to get the paint brushes back out again. I have also rejoined the SAA (Society for All Artists) hopefully they can provide me with some well needed inspiration.

Mum and Dad’s anniversary present is finally ready too. Can’t wait till they see it, then I can post a pic up. Until then I can’t as they would see it and where’s the surprise in that then! But it is amazing, and made me want to make a few more. I now also have some more beads and have something new to try regarding stamping.

On another good note…the hubby has landed a new Team Leader role in his store, meaning set hours Monday to Friday. Which hopefully means more time and full weekends with him, and afternoons to do my admin business and Avon (oh and crafting). With Avon I have been given 2 new roads, trying them out this current book, no-one through them back out at me at least. But I have put a nice note on the front saying if they don’t want anymore books just tick the box and I will leave you be. So I am being nice, lets see who is nice back and who is plain ignorant or rude about it. It isn’t a rare occasion for people to be nasty I have to say.

Right now it is feed time for a little girl (who I have just ordered some cute hair bows for!). Plus I need to finish my dinner (Lunch to those down south) and tidy up. And get ready for huge hugs with my boy. Plus need to pack up 2 more items for my Ebay customers šŸ™‚

Below are the Cammell Laird Pictures I mentioned further up.

Bye for now… H šŸ™‚

Artist impressions of the Cammell Laird Sheffield Factory

Artist impressions of the Cammell Laird Sheffield Factory

The kings declaration to Munitions Workers after end of WW1

The kings declaration to Munitions Workers after end of WW1


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