4 More sleeps!

Well I don’t know about other parents, but hasn’t the school holidays flown?? My so called little man becomes a full time school boy after over a year and half being a part timer! And a week on Sunday he turns 5, which will make him one of the older ones in his class. Compared to when Ruth starts, where she will be one of the youngest!

This morning after feeding and sorting out the munchkins I have actually been updating bits and bobs and doing some job hunting. Seems if I can get a part time job in the future where I work after 2pm each day, we could avoid or have very minimum childcare costs, thanks to Simons soon to be new hours. At last he has bagged a Monday to Friday role. Still in same store but set hours!

I have also upgraded in the Avon business from Representative to Trainee Sales Leader. Which means I now need to hunt out 5 team member/reps to train and support. Looking forward to this actually. Will build up my skills too for the old CV.

I still have some framing of ye olde ephemera to do, and I am currently watching a few old books on Ebay that I could use in this venture! Fingers crossed I get at  least one, as they are items I have to bid on. We all know what the bids get like at the end on Ebay! Speaking of Ebay and selling this time….don’t bid if your not going to pay grrrr! Big gripe of the day….spent ALL week waiting for person to pay for a second item he bid on. Fair enough he payed for first item but I held on to this as noticed he won a second item. After over 4 messages, and reducing postage costs for them so both items could go together….nothing. No reply or payment. So decided today to post the paid for item and inform them the 2nd item is being relisted today. Only fair! Oh and then next week I have to throttle Royal Mail for a lost item worth over £60. Which has never got to the receiver. Stupidly though you can not claim or report anything as lost till 15 days after due delivery date, which should be next Monday. Let all hell break loose!!

Apart from all this life is good. As I already mentioned laddo is going back to school full time which is brill. I hope to use these extra hours to get through and complete the 3 online courses I have signed onto! Holiday to Italy is also approaching fast, and little miss Ruth is growing too fast. Her latest new word is bye bye as she waves to whoever says it to her!

I hope to get painting again too. Im sure it can be done without Ruthy destroying anything and making a mess! Plus plan to go to the Ladybower Inn and Derwent soon, and take some pics regarding family history. Yep, I am still hooked on the family tree. Really need to get names on pics and scan old pics in though!

Right, it’s coffee time. Be back soon!


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