Its Monday, its sunny and my little boy is all growing too fast!

So my boy is now 5……really??? Can someone tell me where these past 5 years went so quickly? He went to school all happy as he is one of the very few who is 5 in his class! One of the oldest in his year. It is school photo’s day tomorrow too, and from this week onwards he has a school dinner everyday he is there. Now that will be an eye opener for him (and us). The question being will he start being a little less fussy?! They don’t do his version of choice at school. More of here is what your having today, now go and eat up! Will do him some good.

I have been a Independent Avon Trainee Sales Leader for a week now, and got my first 3 reps signed up. Not bad at all. Just need 2 more and I am qualified. Obviously when you sign up as a rep you become your own boss, so my role as Sales Leader is to support and help them grow there own business, not tell them what to do, how and when. Which suits me perfectly. Bit like parenting in a way…just guiding and supporting ready for your little minions to fly the nest and make there own way. So far I am loving the Sales Leader thing and I am becoming a little more forthcoming and braver in asking people about joining, and more confident in my own sales repping in return for that! Even after a small one sided spat from a fellow Avon person last week, which was rather an eye opener to human behaviour. No idea why when you are nice to someone, and act respectively, some people have to be so pushy, nasty and conceited. Not just to me either, to people she already knew who were supporting me. She doesn’t know me in person so why on earth did she act like she did? Answers may never be found but now we will always be wary of her and her motives in the future if we ever end up crossing paths! Anyway none of us reacted back at her jibes and snarkiness, and I think that really wound her up. Its a trick I learned from dealing with an ex hubby was also a nasty piece of work 🙂 Keep calm and don’t react… annoys them because all they want is an argument, and they want you to do something back.

Oh another bunch of people got me in a mood too. So called interested buyers on Facebook. In the past month, been messed about 3 or 4 times. Held on to some baby stuff for someone for a month. I communicated asking for them to be picked up numerous times, only to be  blanked a fair bit. So over the weekend, I relisted as I should have done ages ago. Then had interest from someone else straight away that morning, only for them to be displaying same behaviour and non communicative. So relisted again and some kind angel came and took them away, donated to a charity to help babies too, which is an excellent cause. Then there was the laptop and printer……held that for 3 days for someone who was honestly (not) going to pick up. Again non communicators. Fine, relisted again… for my dad to offer to buy them, brill at least he won’t let me down! So my lesson learned from this experience is….put my foot down and stop being so soft and trusting. It amazing how you start to read and study people’s characteristics after being let down. You start to spot the signs a little easier!

At last all clutter in my house is at a minimum. I would be a seriously crap hoarder, that much I do know. Slight OCD on everything has a place side of things too! Am I really turning into my mother? Oh Dear!

So what to do this week. Well that’s easy to answer got enough to do. Books out, Driving lesson, first baby group visit with Ruth and a friend from school and her kids, Ruth’s 1 year jabs (which I am dreading…needle phobia!!), Prospecting with my Area Manager, getting books in, working on S20 Admin Solutions, housework, crafting, to name but a few. And sleep! And eat less rubbish! Oh and I most definitely have to, must do and need to book my Driving Theory Test!

I am also looking forward to a nice delivery of jewellery making clobber.

And to end the blog on a happy note (and no I am not broody! I can now look at other babies and go oh how sweet but not feel need for anymore myself………. Congrats to William and Kate (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) on the news they are expecting baby number 2! Prince George is going to be a big brother. Now I am not into the whole royal scene, but they are a lovely couple and like all who are expecting its a fantastic time they have ahead for them! At least she knows what she will be having to cope with this time round. Oh and little Ashya is finally off for his Proton therapy abroad. The poor boy. Every child deserves that one extra chance to have the hope of getting better. It may work, it may not but at least the parents know they have made the effort to give him some hope! Fingers crossed for them and all the love in the world!


Right off for a coffee and to feed my munchkin! She has had a small kip watching the washing machine bless her! It’s amazing what things amuse them.

Byeeeee for now folks 🙂


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