Why doesn’t coffee wake me up anymore??

Morning all. What a morning…rushing about as someone (me!!) overslept for school run! Ooops. We did get there just on time though luckily. That will teach me to have a glass of wine on a school night. It was only one too!!! My system must not be used to it. I couldn’t be an alcoholic even if I tried I think haha!! Anyway, Owen did get to school in the nick of time bless him, even if he bit my head off every time I was saying hurry up, as he was also in go slow mode and that’s after being up an hour before me!

Anyhow I had reason for that glass of wine. My first proper amazing Avon campaign as a sales Leader. Was my own order too. If I can even get half of what I did this time…next time…. I will be very happy. And its not even the festive season yet which is a big one if you have the right customers. By looks of it I hopefully do have these customers in my grasp. Plus 2 of my 3 person rep team, did very well and hit the higher order value, so big congrats to them too. I just need 3 more of these kind of reps and I’m going to be a happier woman than I am today. Have to say delivery arrives next Tuesday and expecting house to look like a warehouse until all the orders get to there new homes! So now I need more reps and to get books out again asap! Oh and must do tax return urgently before my holiday. I also finally get the tablet I earned for reaching a target the other month, with this order or just after. This will be going to Owen, in order for Simon’s own tablet to live longer. Then I have one more road to canvass for Simon’s territory, now I am aware who is interested on rest of his roads. Wont take half as long this time. The orders go through a few days before we go away, the delivery arrives mid holiday. Mum in law going to love that arriving. And then customers will just get orders delivered a few days late when I get home! Never missed a campaign when I went away in Late April and not missing this one! Then in a week or so I get to nosey at the Winter Wonderland event in town where you get to have a preview of all the lovely goodies Avon are selling latter end of the year!

Talking of holiday…its 3 weeks away, I cannot believe it! I am definitely getting very excited now. Just doing last minute things like find best place for money, making sure we have adaptors for charging things up etc. Oh and the big one to sort (and I feel like I have turned into my mum when I say this….) the holiday list needs writing out! Hey better to prep one and make sure you have everything. Must decide which camera to take.

Now I have done my Avon order, I do think it is time for some therapeutic crafting. Got some lovely stuff recently that I want to play with. I really do need to use some stuff, I am starting to look like a proper craft hoarder. And I am a person who hates clutter. So many ideas, so many bits of stock….. must make use of them!

Owen is at school all day long now. Its brill and all that don’t get me wrong, but I am getting to mid morning and thinking hmmm what do I do??? Even though I have more than enough to do. Just not used to the extra free hours with Ruth just yet. Plus I don’t want to be going out and spending if possible. Not because I am tight or anything lol, but saving for the Italian adventure aren’t I! I may just go and see the old nutters I used to work with (and drop some Avon books in while I pass my old haunt called Deli venture….where I used to get my lunch while I was at work across the road!). The place is full of women, worth a try eh! And then obviously see the people who used to put with me at work hehe. I do miss them!!

Right time to finish off my current coffee. I really do need to get my brain engaged a bit more!


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