So it’s an “Och No!”!!

Well my beloved Scotland has decided! It was a close run thing, 44.7 Yes 55.3 No, just a matter of singlie figure percentages that split it.

I love Scotland, and always, and even if I would have needed a passport to go there and visit Angel in Glencoe, and see my best buddy Scott, I would have done. And some may know I also own 10 Square feet of conservation land near Glencoe, making me a Lady of Glencoe (if I ever felt need to use the title given me!) and Ruth also has a piece of Scotland. As well as my parents! So in a way we have a vested interest in Scotland, and love the place. I have wanted to live there for years too! Not in my woodland plot obviously! Anyway I am not into the politics game, so as much as I love Scotland, I was just hoping they would finally decide and do what needed doing. I am sort of relieved I do not need to get my kids a passport each to go to Scotland though (those things don’t half cost!).

My friend Scott voted Yes, so guessing he won’t be too pleased. I love my Scottish friends and they voted as they needed to. Unfortunately, some won’t like the result, but like everything in life its one of those where we all get answers we don’t want to hear 😦 At least they put there opinion forward.

At the end of it all…..I adore Scotland…..Still would love to live in the highlands….. Love my Scottish friends…..and can’t wait to go back. Plus Angel is due a visit! Hope the Three Sisters Mountains are beautiful, rugged and looking after her!


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