Hello from dull Sheffield!

Well its a grey Thursday morning. Owen is at school, Ruth fed and playing, so I have coffee machine on, with some nice Robusta filter coffee on, and taking some time out from taking Avon books out and delivering till later. Going to go as far as hoovering I think!

Only 2 weeks till holiday time, so need to get the cash sorted. First time I went to Italy was using Lira …haven’t times changed. Second time was Euro’s I think, but that was in 2001. I must remember to charge all devices too, now that people are frightened that they may be used as weapons. Its mad, and I have loads to charge up in that case. Phones, cameras, notebook laptop. They don’t ask much do they!

Talking about Avon, did a delivery yesterday to a new customer. She is 88 year old disabled lady who hardly gets out etc unless helped or takes a taxi. Bless her, she was so kind. Like the sort of Nan I wish I had still. I was invited in for 10 minutes, sat down and she talked her head off. It then happens she is also a family historian too. As well as a craft type person. It just shows how old people are left to own devices and feel so lonely. I am tempted to check on her every so often to make sure she is ok, maybe take Owen to say hello to her. Kids always make old people smile. She has quite a sizeable family including great grandkids. Shame my own Nan is such an old bitter person. Even my mum doesn’t talk to her. To put it basically, she (my nan) has tried to and succeeded in some cases, to put lies out and make family not like each other. Then lie to friends saying people don’t see her etc, when they do, and generally push people away with her actions. So that’s why I adore nice old people who deserve to be liked!

Right I’m off and going to get some coffee down my neck. Forget the Cookie Monster….I’m the Coffee Monster!


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