2 weeks to go!!

Not sure if you can tell but I am so excited. Our child-free Italian break is almost upon us. I am so looking forward to some time where me and Simon get to chill out, socialise and relax some more! Of course I will miss Owen and Ruth like crazy…and will be phoning at least once every day to check on them. Plus they are in the safe hands of Nan all week, who will no doubt spoil them. I will not miss the smelly daily stink packet that Ruth provides everyday, and the constant noise from Owen though. Most likely I will think I have gone deaf in first few days.

So far I haven’t managed to do the holiday list, but thinking of any last minute things I need. Money is going to be sorted today so we get it in time. Oh and I have to dye my hair and get rid of the roots showing at the moment! Cant go to the land of beautiful people with mucky blonde roots and faded red hair!

What will I be looking forward to in Italia then?? Well there is a lovely Villa with a pool (even though I cant swim, I love water!), a beach down the road, Limoncello, a winery trip, various other day trips, a barbeque or two with our friends, peace and quiet, socialising, food, photography (the camera will no doubt be very busy!) and relaxation amidst all that.

Right, Owen wants the computer now. I’m guessing all I am going to hear for a bit is annoying orange, Gangnam Style and Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Oh the joys. Hehe little does he know after dinner time I am dragging him into town to a Vintage fair though.

Caio dudes! Oh and I need my coffee!


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