I can finally say it!

I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK !!!!!  I know I have gone on about this holiday so much lately but wow, it is now as close as next week. We haven’t been abroad since I was about 16 weeks expectant with Owen, and he has just turned 5, so its been a fair while you could say. I am a big fan of the “staycation” and absolutely love my holidays with the family in the UK, but to go further afield is fun and a rare treat. Plus now being a stay at home mum of two, things are tighter budget wise and hubby working  full time means we don’t get that quality time together as much. Love my children to bits too but all parents need that odd break to refresh and regroup our thoughts. Plus these two are going to be spoilt rotten while we are away. That’s what grandparents do best, especially when the parents aren’t looking. Being a mum is great but I am also a wife and an individual, and that side is going to be addressed for a whole week.  No Avon, no school run, etc. But there will be daily phone calls home to check on the tiny people.

The weather forecast looking nice so far for the area we are going to, near Brindisi. We have a villa to ourselves, which looks amazing. We have friends to spend the week with, sightseeing/ eating out, a bbq or two, etc. The beach is a mere short walk away from our villa, we also have the pool. The timing for when we are going is also quite good, as it marks 6 years since we first met! Via Facebook of all things. I suppose social media sites have there good sides after all eh! Oh we will be the youngest people in the social group while we are there too, at the tender ages of 34 and 36. We are going to see how the oldies rock it!!

Normally we holiday in the UK, preferably near or in the countryside. Mainly Scottish Highlands, Pembrokeshire area of Wales, Lake District and the Yorkshire Coast and countryside. With the odd trip to Northumberland… Now I have got over my hang ups totally from the past and have no fear of a certain person. Anyway why should I let one person stop me seeing beautiful places I loved as a child. When I was a little younger I also loved the almost yearly trip to Cornwall. Cornwall needs a revisit soon!

I would say my top ten places I have been to in the UK are:

No 1 And always will be Number 1…….. Glencoe and Ballachuilish, Scottish Highlands. Amazing childhood holidays and memories have been made there, and its is where I mentally set the baby I miscarried in 2012 free. What better place to pick than the place you want to end up at when you become ashes yourself! No I am not being morbid, I just love the place that much!

No 2St Davids, Pembrokeshire….. I first went here about 2006/07, and fell in love with the place. The smallest city in the UK! Hosting one of my favourite coffee shops, and where I first encountered the name Eleri, which I adored, and have subsequently given to Ruth as a middle name. Plus the Welsh Language is amazing.

No 3Edinburgh….. My favourite city in the whole wide world. So many thing to see and do! The atmosphere is wonderful and so are the people. The castle is probably the best I have been to as well.

No 4 – Mallaig/Arisaig…. and the journey to there from Fort William! Just a most wonderful beautiful area. A photographers dream and an artists paradise.

No 5 – Whitesands Bay, Nr St Davids….. My kind of beach setting, no arcades, just a shop, café and toilets (which are always handy!). Gorgeous scenery and walks.

No 6 – Glenfinnan, Scotland…. The monument, the viaduct, the scenery, and lovely memories of the holidays we had next to the train station!

No 7 – The Lake District…. going to have to bung all the places together on this one. Go there and you will see why. Morecambe bay nearby isn’t too bad either.

No 8 – Yorkshire Coast…… Whitby, Scarborough, Robin Hoods Bay, and Bridlington to name a few places I would recommend. I am a Yorkshire bird too, so cant be a great shock to you. Plus I love the more old fashioned seaside towns.

No 9 – Saundersfoot and Tenby, Pembrokeshire Coast……. Two amazing places on the coast. Saundersfoot hosting the best Australian Restaurant. Tenby hosting trips to Caldy Island, where there are many monks who make chocolate and ale. Was also where Owen had his first ever Boat trip!

No 10 – Northumberland….The coastline is amazing, and another place where I had great childhood holidays.

As for abroad… I would have to say my best places have been Fiuggi, Rome, Florence, Sorrento and Montecasino (Italy). Potes, Picos de Europa, and the Cantabria region (Spain). And surprisingly and only for the scenery and beauty of the city… Paris, France. The people I found a bit rude when I went years ago to Paris, very blunt and too busy etc. Would love to be proved wrong, as the further away from city on a trip to France once, the people were much more relaxed and nicer to us. Also there is Fuerte Ventura, Puerto del Carmen and surrounding areas in the Canary Islands…which was our last holiday abroad. Beautiful places and day trips were on the schedule that holiday. Was also our last holiday child free as such (Owen was still cooking in the belly!).

I am sure some more places will be added to the Italian list next month too!

Right I am off for a coffee, while tiny person number 2 sleeps!


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