Why do I always ……….

Why do I always end up doing the pre holiday weather check? I am at it again. Looking ahead to see what weather we should be getting! Not complaining. It is saying 22 degrees Celsius and sunshine… so sounds great to me.

Yesterday I went and met Si at work, so I could stock up on nappies etc so Nannan doesn’t need to worry about that when she is here. Feeling bit anxious already about leaving my girly. I know that on Friday night after putting her to bed about 8ish, that’s going to be it for a week. Wont want to disturb her after that time. Plus we are leaving about or preferably before 1am Saturday morning. Just need to keep thinking positive. I will get a weeks respite, she will be happy and fine, and well looked after with family. And she is 1, she wont remember it in years to come and hold it against me. Plus its a once in lifetime opportunity to get that week as a couple and have proper time together as a hubby and wife. Owen is a big boy and understands all this, and no doubt will as usual have Nannan around his little finger. He will miss us I know, specially being the big mummy’s boy that he is. I have assured him as soon as I feel Ruth old enough to fly and we can afford, we will all go on a plane.

My thing is, even as a parent, I cannot stand restless and crying kids on a plane. Firstly I am not surprised they are bored etc, but you can’t escape the noise can you. I know other people share this gripe too. So I will not do the flight thing till Ruth at least 2 years older and easier to keep quiet and entertained! Plus the whole getting the baby equipment to and fro etc, sounds a pain. Better waiting till they are not needing all the big items!

Well today is a day of collecting latest Avon books in. Well most of them. Call backs tomorrow, and fingers crossed smash the Higher Order Value limit. I do enjoy it, keeps me fit to a point with all the walking. Really must do holiday list too. Plus check what I can take on a plane, ie Si reminded me we cant take some spray deodrants etc, which is a bummer, but I can see why.

Right if you can’t guess I am off to get a fresh……… Coffee.

Went to a lovely little Deli Café in Sheffield yesterday before going to the Winter Wonderland thing Avon did. Here is a picture I took….on the phone admittedly but it is all I had with me camera wise.

coffee shop


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