Hello Autumn! Sunshine here I come!

Autumn has most definitely reared its head today. It is absolutely throwing it down outside. Temperature is low too. Wet Autumn is not my thing, but dry weather, crispy leaves on the ground, autumnal colours etc, is the Autumn I do like. Our house is already full of conkers due to Owen’s obsession. Another sure sign of the season.

Makes me look forward to the holiday even more. I am missing the sunshine. The weather predicted for over there looks great for next week. So while its rainy and dull outside, here am I looking at what to take for the pool at the villa. I can’t swim so didn’t have much (if anything) that was suitable. So ordered some stuff. Believe me I really want to be able to swim. Until I can swim, the kids have no chance. As I have no confidence in taking them when I don’t feel confident enough myself. Most of my old stuff is no good as after having kids body changes have taken place on the upper half. As they do. So needed something with more support you could say. Anyway what I have got this morning looks good enough for that task. Haha the joys of being naturally blessed on the upper half!! Anyway that is swimwear sorted. And I am slowly getting the few things that spring into my head together. The random bits I suddenly think of etc. I also got myself a new bag to take on the plane in the cabin, to store all the precious things that I don’t want the baggage handlers to throw around! Measured my hand bag and that conforms to the allowed dimensions too. Need to get the cash though yet! Plus check camera etc. Need to order a SD card for it though!

Next big thing to do this week is sort out and put through the Avon order, plus sort out the next lot of books to get out on Friday.  Got to be super organised on that side, as not missing a campaign.

The separation anxiety is really kicking in now, I can cope with it with Owen but obviously miss him loads. But I have never had a Ruth free night, and that is the killer one for me. Keep having that inner mind argument with myself. Have to keep telling myself it will all be fine. I will cope, I know I will but first few days will be the hardest.

I was also wondering if (as haven’t been to Italy for a long time) Sundays are one of those days in Italy where almost everything shuts down for the day? If so I know what we will most likely be up to Sunday and it includes a pool and sun lounger! On a down note… I am going to miss Downton Abbey. Wonder if I can use ITV player whilst there?

Right I’m off to hunt online for an SD card which can be here before Friday!

In the meantime here are some pics of the little munchkins I keep mentioning, whom I shall miss lots and lots like Jelly tots next week!!

owen ruth 1 ruth 2


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