Its almost time!

Oh my life. 1 more full sleep to go!!!!

Trying to get things sorted before I go. Ie Next Avon books out, make sure washing needed all dry, and got to get the Euro’s later, and some last minute bits and bobs. Also get everything charged up. Easier now decided which camera I am taking. The Canon is the choice this time, mainly because it has all the filter I will find handy etc.

So today started with trying to get ready in the usual rush style, in the meantime, just as ready to take Ruth downstairs, Owen having a slight strop an pours cold coffee down the wall upstairs. Excellent…. not! Then finally got him to school and I was straight out delivering some of the Avon books. So didn’t get a coffee till after 9.30am. Plus the “happy” Hermes woman picked up some returns for Next. Oh she is a joyful person (again…. not). They are also doing the pavements round here. Last time we were getting ready for holiday to Northumberland this Spring time gone, they were doing the roads. Anyway we have practically just had a JCB on our drive, as they are now on our road properly. Ruth is fast asleep in the  playpen, and I am now on coffee number two (and we are running out of the instant stuff!). Must add coffee to the list for shops later!

Surprised (not) that its going to rain again later. Most likely at school run time. Honestly, I got soaked yesterday. Anything below the waterproof coat had no chance. Even got wet socks and had my boots on! Was like a swimming pool near the local shops too.

Hoping to get last of Avon books out later or in morning at latest. Then finally pack. I am so not one of those who can pack days in advance, never have been. Always has to be day before, up to that point I concentrate on the “holiday washing”, and if I can bring myself to it…. the ironing!! The worst task in the world. I hate ironing!! I can do it but avoid it at all costs.

Also need to clean out the Guinea pigs cage before we go!! I do enjoy a busy life !!

Right byee for now and here are a few pics (one of Ruth, and 2 of the view from the house not long ago!). They could have done our drive if they wanted!!!

jcb1 jcb2 ruth 3


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