Italian adventures – Day 1

Hello from sunny and beautiful Puglia. It has been a LONG day, and I mean literally all day. Didn’t go to bed last night as we were setting off at 12.30am. So after putting kids to bed and feeling a little teary, I kept awake using the power of caffeine. No suprise there then.

First to set the scene at the minute….. sat on a lounger near a pool under hot blue skies, with peace and quiet everywhere.

It all started at 12.30am. Slightly anxious but hyper as wel said goodbye to the house, mum in law and wee monkeys Ruth and Owen. Time to drive from Sheffield to Stansted! After encountering closed motorway for most likely resurfacing, we finally got past Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire, past tamford (lovely place!) into Essex. Where hubby was wondering if he had time to go round all the cast of TOWIE and do them in haha. Finally found and parked in the car park at Stansted Airport, and caught the shuttle bus. Now it has been years since we have stepped foot in an airport,so was all good fun! I forgot what a melting pot of cultures it is.  Excellent for a people watcher like myself. Suprisingly we we got bag checked in pretty swiftly and by 5.15 am, all we had to do was wait till the Gate number was revealed for our flight. At this point I had been awake about 22 hours, so another coffee was in order. Also the obligatory look round duty free, where I did not even get tempted to buy anything.

Finally the time came and Gate 34  was open. So last toilet stop (can you tell I am a mum haha), and off to the gate to get to that big metal bird. Again an easy and quick enough process. Then the actual realisation,… we were finally on our way out of UK! Flight set off on time too. I do like flying so no nerves here but the air pressure did give me slight headache at some points. Probably as I don’t fly much.

I was fascinated by the clouds formations whilst we were up there but after various pics from the plane window (got to love a window seat!) and over 24 hours no sleep … I managed a small kip yay! 2 and half hours on the plane, including the nightmare of bored screaming toddlers (thank goodness for my mp3), we arrived in Brindisi Airport. Blue skies, and hot sunshine. I love the feeling when you feel the heat as you walk off a plane.

Met our friend and came to villa. Which is stunning, and have spent last few hours chilling out. Plus took pics! Later is take away pizza…italian stylee and wine. Now I am just off for a walk with hubby 🙂 To the beach!!

Here is what I have shared on Facebook so far pics wise!! Bye for now 🙂

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

What a stunning place! Tommorow we have a late brekky then off down the coast with our friends!


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