Day 3 – Chill out then feast!

So Day 3 was a slow one, we didn’t even leave the Villa till after at least 5pm (I’ve stopped clock watching this week so much funnily enough!). Up to then it was pretty uneventful. Just relax round pool and listen to the radio on the Notebook.

So Richard, Dorothy, Barb and Curtis come for us, then Richard gives us a tour of the other villas he has. Some are now done for the season, others have a few weeks left then closed for winter. They are beautiful places to stay. Really high standard and have everything you would need! One even had an orchard on the back yard. So we picked a Pomegranate! Never done that before! But he had also planted Quince, Lemon, you name it!

After that it was back to Richard and Noirins gaff! Sat about for a bit in their house, which is amazing. Seriously they have a Rhinoceros shaped leather seat thing. I so want to take it home. We all then headed out, Me and Si with Noirin as she was nipping to the supermarket for last minute supplies, and as we needed a few bits it made sense! Then off to another villa (after running back to the house for the Limoncello she had forgotten.). Well this other villa, was amazing. The biggest of the lot. 2 floors plus roof top balcony. Done to an immaculate standard. When we got there, we all digged in on the carrying the food to the table task. There was so much antipasti your eyes would have fallen out. A huge mix of seafood and meats. There was also a great selection of wines, beers, and others.

Anyway you know I mentioned Nonna Lisa’s the other day. They close on a Monday, so Richard had hired one of the Pizza makers for the night. Pierro I think his name was. The villa has a pizza oven so why not. So we just had to wait for 4 italian friends of Richard and Noirin’s. I can remember the older woman’s name as Lena. They were a lovely bunch. So friendly and welcoming to us. So when they arrived and everyone had a drink we all tucked in to the Antipasti. Well what a choice. We had to convince Curtis to try the Octopus tenticle. But you name it and it was there. Meats, Cheese, Olives, Roasted Peppers, Mussels cooked in various ways, I could go on. But we also had fresh as in just made bread! Bet your all slobbering at the mouth now as you read!

Then came on the FRESH PIZZA’S! When I say Pizza’s I mean lots of them. It was mind blowing. So many varieties, and was so good watching them being made. I have took a video on my phone too. So with pizza being passed round, and the beer and wine flowing we got on with the task of trying to not eat too much so we had space for the dessert Lena and Family had brought along. Conversation was flowing, in Italian and English. With Richard and Noirin doing some translating along the way.

There way of having a meal is so relaxed and chilled. No rushing, or TV dinners but proper family time. Such a nice change. The dessert they bought along was amazing. It was little Ice cream things, and an Ice Cream cake. Very refreshing. Then it was Limoncello/Grappa time. Opted for the Limoncello myself. Then more drinks and chatting. We got home before 11pm too. Pictures are all below.

Well I best dash need to finish getting ready as we have a  long day. We are getting picked up shortly, going for a full Irish at Richard and Noirin’s then off to Alberobello (The Trulli Village!). So as its hot, shorts are on, Sun spray to be applied and Camera’s at the ready.

See ya!

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